Love story of the Salad Guy

In the basement of D'Angelo’s center I come across Green Street Grill. One of many options for a student to feed themselves. After placing my order I hear the voice of a man ask me how my day’s been, I look up and answer. Leave with a smile and walk away thinking “how nice.”

Few days later come up to  the same place to get food and I hear a voice say hello, look up it’s the same guy. Makes my salad while talking to me and sends me off with a smile. 

Now we wave to each other and can carry a small conversation. He almost took his lunch break with me. 

Thanks salad guy for a cute story for one semester.


Expressing my weirdudenergy at our D.N.A. after party. S/o to Christian for making this possible. God bless iphone capabilities. God bless thespians. And thespianisms.