salad with grilled salmon

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Hi, do you know something about her diet?

hello! it’s always varied but this is one example of phoebe’s day on a plate from yourzenlife :)

breakfast: a glass of water, hemp milk latte, fruit salad with blueberries, raspberries, chia seeds and almond butter

lunch: hormone free organic chicken, baby spinach salad with walnuts, avocado flaxseed oil and tamari sauce as a dressing

dinner: grilled salmon, steamed/grilled vegetables, sweet potato cooked in coconut oil

snacks: green juice with lemon, cucumber, apple and spinach, gluten free muffins, sea salt dark chocolate, dark chocolate covered ginger

other drinks/foods she enjoys eating: brown rice, carob, kale chips, quinoa, hummus, hot toddy, rice crackers, cheese, avocado, wine, vegemite, carrots

phoebe eats extremely healthy and she sticks to mostly organic whole foods. she also takes probiotics, omega 3, vitamin d, magnesium supplement. she drinks A LOT of water, almost 3 litres a day. phoebe avoids red meat, sugar, dairy and high carb junk foods. currently, she is obsessed with sakara life which is an organic meal delivery based in us!


Grilled Raspberry Chipotle Salmon w/ Summer Salad 

fresh salmon fillet seasoned with sea salt, fresh cracker pepper, and a small amount of chili flakes. seared over medium high heat in avocado oil on each side and then placed into a 400 degree oven for a few minutes to cook the inside until it was in between medium rare and medium well. (don’t cook your fish to death twice, please). 

summer salad consists of spinach, blistered heirloom grape tomatoes, sweet bell peppers (red, orange, and yellow), and mushroom. cooked in a small amount of garlic and avocado oil, seasoned generously with fresh cracked black pepper, tiny amount of sea salt, and a small hint of lime juice. 

raspberry chipotle sauce was homemade. will post a recipe for that later once it is perfected. 

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what sort of dinner do you have at college?

sometimes I pick up grilled salmon and veggies/salad from the market or I order in curry with vegetables and tofu. every friday my friend and I get poké bowls (it’s a ritual now)

when Im not eating out, I make stir fry with veggies and tofu, stuff with chickpeas/black beans, burritos, salads. I’m not so creative with what I cook though- I just throw stuff on a pan


Lunch today had to be packed because I was out early for study groups and ate at a friends house.  

  • Salad: french lettuce, cucumber, purple onion, red bell pepper and grilled salmon. (Dressing was lemon and soy) 
  • Dessert: Mangos + blackberries 
  • + 1Lt of iced green tea not pictured because it was in the fridge when this pictures were taken. 
Buried Sorrows - Part Three

Summary: The reader was with Sam for some time.  That is until he jumps in the pit with Lucifer, leaving her broken and alone.  With only Dean to pick up the pieces.  

Author’s Note:  Italics are flashbacks. Story takes place just after Sam jumps in the pit with Lucifer.  For the sake of the story, Dean didn’t go to Lisa or settle down with her and Ben at all.   Okay, this was my first request:  “Anonymous asked: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a supernatural fic which is like the vampire diaries in which reader meets Sam and falls in love with him but then develops feelings for Dean and then falls in love with Dean. You could make a series? Please? Thankyou.”  Hope you like it!

Words: 1750

Part One  Part Two


  Within seconds, I fell into my first peaceful and dreamless sleep in months. Dean’s warmth spread through me, thawing my frozen toes and relaxing my tense shoulders.  His soft breathing acted as a metronome, breaking the silence and reminding me that, at least for now, I wasn’t alone.

 I woke up slowly, stretching first my arms and then my entire body, and looked over at his sleeping form, still dreaming.  My stomach lurched and growled, reminding me that I hadn’t eaten in quite some time.  I pushed the blanket off of me, being careful not to move to quickly or loudly, and crumbled it up against Dean’s side, hoping it would trap my body heat next to him and allow him just a little more sleep.  


“Sam,” I complained.  “Sam, you’re snoring again.  I can’t sleep.”  

His eyes fluttered awake, looking over at me.  “I can tuck you in if you want me to,” he said, beginning to roll from his back to his side, facing towards me.  “Not a chance, Winchester.  I’m tired.” He pouted back at me.

  “You can cuddle me, but no funny business,” I warned, pushing my lips against his.  “And stay on your side, please.”

  “Such a sweet talker,” he joked, closing his eyes as he pulled me close to him, his warm breath aimed down at my neck. “That’s cheating,” I accused him, feeling every molecule of my body begin to come to attention.  “Is not,” he said, drowsily, moving his hand slowly down my side and to my back, pressing against the small of it as he leaned down and claimed my earlobe with his lips as I gasped.

  “Dude, can you not?”  Dean burst from the bed on the far side of the room. “Gross.  It’s bad enough I gotta hear you sawing logs all night.  I’m definitely not going to hear you doing that.”  

  Sam laughed, pulling me closer to him as he burrowed his head into the pillow above me.  “You got it,” he replied to Dean.

  I turned to my side, allowing Sam to be the big to my little spoon as I looked over at Dean.  “Sorry, Dean,” I granted him.  

  “No big deal,” he reassured me.  “Some things I just can’t handle hearing.”  

  I smiled at him, feeling Sam wrap his arms tighter around me as his snores returned, his lips at my ear.  “Goodnight, Dean.”  

  “Goodnight, Y/N.”  


 There was a piece of hotel stationary on the end table with a hotel pen lying on top of it. I jotted down a note, just in case Dean woke up, letting him know that I’d be back soon.  I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to tame my wild and cowlicked locks so that I was mildly presentable.  Grabbing the room key, I stepped out into the hallway, closing the door behind me.  The vending area was just down the hall and since we had slept through most of the morning, a continental breakfast wasn’t exactly an option.  I pulled my change purse out of my pocket, grabbing a few singles as I sauntered up to the machines.  There wasn’t much in the way of actual food but there were some chips, some soda, and a surplus of candy and chocolate.  

  I piled my purchases in the crook of my arm and headed back to the room.  I reached for my room key and was just about to put it in the lock when the door was yanked open from the other side.  “What the hell, Y/N?” Dean muttered.  “I thought you bolted,” he reached out, grabbing me just below the shoulders and looking at me with worried eyes.  

  “I left you a note,” I said by way of explanation as I pushed past him and back into the room.  

  Dean closed the door, hanging his head and walking over to me.  “Just…don’t scare me like that, got it?  Are those Dorito’s?”

  I threw the bag of chips over to him, a smile on my face. “What were you scared of? Some big bad attacking me in the hotel hallways?”

  “Something like that,” he answered, pulling the bag open and beginning to sort through the hoard of junk food.  “Orange soda?” he asked with a note of judgment in his tone.  “Hey,” I said, defending myself. “Orange is a fruit.  That’s basically fruit juice.”  I grabbed the drink from him, opening the twist top and taking a sip from it.  I grabbed one of the bags of chips and began feeding them into my mouth.

  “We should probably get on the road.  What time is it?” Dean looked behind me at the end table, glancing at the alarm clock. “Quarter to two?  Huh,” he sighed. I gave him a quizzical look, tilting my head and waiting for an explanation. “I don’t think I’ve slept that long in a while. What time did we get in, three?” I nodded.  

  “Looks like we sleep better together.” The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.  Dean gave me a sideways smile and winked at me.  “I’ve been saying that for years, sweetheart.”  I halfheartedly punched his shoulder.  

  “I’m going to go take a shower,” I said, rubbing the remnants of the chips off of my fingers.  “Mind if we get on the road and get some real-ish food?” I asked.

  Dean lifted his eyebrows, looking at me in surprise. “You’re actually hungry?”

  “Is that so astonishing?”  

  “Normally, no.  But the last few months, even before you went all lone ranger, you barely touched a meal let alone asked for one.  It’s just nice to hear.”

  I smirked at him over my shoulder as I headed into the bathroom.  “I’m pretty sure you’re the only person who has ever tried to tell me that I need to eat more.”  


  “Y/N, if you don’t pick somewhere to stop for food, Dean’s going to and you know he’s just going to pick Biggerson’s for the fourth time this week.  Please, babe.  Just choose,” Sam whined at me from the front seat as Dean chuckled at us.

  “Sweet Tomatoes,” I said, pointing at the restaurant across the road.  

  “Works for me,” Sam approved.

  “That place that only serves salads?  No way. I need sustenance.  Not foliage.  Definite veto.”  

  “Then Biggerson’s is fine,” I placated Dean, wanting to avoid an argument between the brothers.

 “Alright,” Dean gloated from the front seat.  “Girl knows how to make a man happy,” he glanced over at his brother giving him a knowing wink as I watched Sam tense up.  I reached my hand over his seat and onto his shoulder, squeezing lightly. “You know, he only does it to bug you,” I tried to comfort him.  His response was only a grunt that bordered on a growl.  I looked over at Dean’s almost giddy face, disapproval plastered on my own which only served to heighten his sense of victory.

  We walked into Biggerson’s, grabbing a booth in the far corner.  None of us grabbed a menu.  Over the past few years, we had all memorized it pretty well.  The waitress walked up and we all gave our orders. A double bacon cheeseburger for Dean with smothered cheese fries and Sam got a grilled chicken salad.  I ordered a plain salmon flank and roasted veggies. Both of the boys stared at me, alarmed.

  “You feeling okay?  Sick or something?” Sam asked me.  I shook my head.

  “Hey,” Dean said, grabbing my attention.  “What gives?  You’re usually on my side when it comes to feeding the warrior within.  

  “Yeah well, sometimes the warrior within needs to shut up and stick to celery,” I retorted, grabbing my water and taking a few sips.

  The boys stared at me, Sam wrapping a protective arm around my shoulder.  “This isn’t you.”  

  I stared up into his eyes and tried not to lose myself in the emerald and caramel swirling around in them.  “It needs to be,” I admitted.  

  “Why? Fish is only fit for Rugaru’s and bears,” Dean teased.  “Well I eat as much as both and am at least the size of a bear, so why not?” I snapped back at him.

  “That’s bullshit,” Dean said from across the table.  “Eat what you want.  You’re fine.” I looked down at my hands, twittling my thumbs.  “Y/N, he’s right.  You don’t need to change a thing.  Whatever has you thinking you do, it’s wrong.”

  “Damn skippy,” Dean said forcefully.  “You’re beautiful.  Don’t let anybody tell you different.”

  I smiled, picking up my fork and stabbing at a broccoli floret.  “Still.”  

Sam leaned his head down, pressing it against the side of my face while Dean stared at me, his brow furrowed and jaw clenched as his eyes flitted from me to his brother.


  I leaned into the warm water, pushing my hands up against the wall and letting it cascade down my back.  The shampoo smelled like strawberries and was almost overwhelming as I scrubbed my hair, running my nails against my scalp and massaging my head. I hadn’t been this well rested or relaxed since before Sam left.  Since before my world flipped upside down.  I knew that Dean was right.  Not only would Sam blame himself for how rundown I’d let myself become, but he’d never have let me go anywhere without being properly defensible and armed.  

  For the last six months, I had harbored such anger for him. I took Sam jumping into the pit as a complete and utter betrayal; as if he had abandoned me.  But now, in this moment, I began to realize that he might just have been trying to save me instead.  Before I had rinsed the shampoo completely out of my hair, I had already decided to forgive him.  To move on and keep fighting because of him, not in spite of.  

  I finished up in the shower, dried myself off and put the only set of clothes I had back on.  “Hey Dean,” I called out.  “You okay?” he responded, opening the bathroom door and staring at me as if he hadn’t seen me in weeks, a smile replacing the worried glare that had previously been there.  “Wow,” he stuttered.  “You clean up nice.”

  I rolled my eyes.  “Can we stop somewhere I can get some clothes?  I’m going to need more than this if we’re heading out on a hunt tonight.”  He smiled, nodding his head in response.  “Good to have you back, Y/N.”  

SELF Magazine March 2015

Candice Almighty

Supermodel Candice Swanepoel leads a small nation of 4.7 million Instgram followers. Sporting sprig’s best performance –inspired looks, she tells us what she does to stay hot and happy.

On any given day, long before the sun shines into your window and rouses you out of bed, it’s likely that Candice Swanepoel has already been hard at work for hours. “I’m up and on-set pretty early, usually by 5 a.m.,” says the 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel, who routinely shoots for 12 hours a day, often seven days a week. “I do a lot of swimwear, so for the best light, we try to get the sunrise and sunset.” Afterward, when everyone else goes home to relax, Swanepoel hits the gym for a full-body workout. “I’m an athlete,” she says. “I use every single muscle, especially my core and arms, when I pose. It’s so important for me to feel strong.”

Such discipline and dedication come naturally to Swanepoel, who grew up on a beef-and-dairy farm in South Africa. “ I saw may dad wake up at 4 every morning to milk the cows. I’d put on my overalls and gum boots and follow him around,” she says. “Growing up surrounded by so much life and death and realness shaped my personality. Africa is not for wussies. It’s in our culture to be hard workers.”

That may be way, after being scouted at a local flea market at age 15, Swanepoel took the brave step of moving to Europe, alone, to pursue her new career. She spent the next two and half years walking runway shows for major designers, including Dolche & Gabbana. And yet, despite her early success, she remembers that period in her life as difficult. “ It was the loneliness,“ she says. “ Every day, I was working with different people who were speaking different languages, so I was never able to form any relationships. I just wanted to go home.” During that time, she was also told that she needed to lose weight. “ I was so used to people criticizing me for being too thin that it was shocking to me,” she says. “I was crying.”

By age 17, Swanepoel was ready to quit modeling altogether. That’s when Victoria’s Secret called, and everything changed. “My agent said, “They want to see you. If you get the show, will you move to New York? I said, ‘If I got Victoria’s Secret, I’d do anything.” She landed the gig, mowed across the world, found an instant community and rededicated herself to her work – and her workouts.

Her willingness to always put in extra hours on-set – and extra stets in the gum – has certainly paid off. Now, eight years after almost walking away from her career, Swanepoel has become one of fashion’s reigning superstars, and one of its hottest bodies. You can see the results of her hard work in the tightness of her legs, the firmness of her butt and the flatness of her abs. “When I have a show or specific shoot coming up, I train for it full on, like an athlete would train for a game,” she says. Of course, given that she always has a big show or shoot coming up, she’s always training, four to five days a week, year-round. “There’s no time to slack off,” she says. “It’s just not worth it.”

To get that enviable body, both strong and lean, Swanpoel cross trains. Every week she does a mix of boxing (“ a good way to blow off steam”), trampolining (“ it tightens up everything”), resistance training (“ as I get stronger, the weights get heavier”) and pilates (“ for when I’m tired, because I can lie down”). No matter the workout, her goal remains the same: “To build muscle, rather than burn it,” she says.

Staying sculpted instead of just skinny has always been Swanepoel’s body challenge. “If I’m nervous or stressed, I can eat almost anything and still be losing weight. That’s just my metabolism,” she says, “but I don’t like to feel skinny.” To maintain her shape and stamina, she follows a simple eating philosophy: Have a big breakfast to avoid midmorning crashes. “If I’m shooting swim, I’ll have scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, coffee and a croissant. Otherwise I’m ravenous by 11 a.m” For lunch and dinner, she gets plenty of protein, like a grilled-chicken salad or salmon witch rice and beans. “I just eat everything in moderation,” she says. “People do crazy things, but anything in the extreme is bad for you. I don’t believe in juicing. I don’t even get why you’d want a soy latte. Listen; just give me some whole milk! When you over think what you’re eating, it starts to affect you.”

Swanepoel’s commitment to staying balanced, despite the ruthless nature of her industry, has been the key to her happiness. “Modeling has really changed in the past few years. Now there’s so much more money at stake, and it’s more work as well,” she says. “It used to be that if you had a swim shoot, you’d go away for two weeks and spend the first four days getting a suntan. Now we work 12 hours a day, every day, and I can be on a plan every two days. It’s almost like a chess game, where we’re the pieces. You’ve got to juggle everything and make the right moves.”

That pressure makes her downtime all the more important. “You’ve got to take care of yourself,” she says. Swanepoel does that by trying to block off a week every month or so to unwind. “I’d rather work in waves, so I have time to travel and rest,” she says. Her goals are a mix of professional and personal. “I want to design my own line of swimwear,” she says, “and I want to see more of my family and have one of my own one day, too.” But for now, she’s just trying to enjoy every moment. “I love living this dream,” she says. “And sometimes I also just like to chill, have a glass of wine, watch a movie and be normal.”


Swanepoel and her trainer, ModelFit’s Justin Gelband, share there exercises that make her feel and look her best.

Micro-Squat: “I like to focus on my thighs and bum, so I do a lot of squats,” Swanepoel says. Stand with feet together, arms extended, and squat, lowering two inches per count for three counts. Hold, then rise on a three count. Repeat, first with feet shoulder-width apart, then with feet together, then apart again. That’s one rep; do 10.

Leg Pulse: “The smaller the motions, the better the results,” Gelband says. Lie on left side, left arm bent under head, left leg extended, right leg perpendicular at hip. Use your glutes to pulse right leg up and down 20 times, moving it slightly toward left foot with each rep. Switch sides; repeat.

One-Two Punch: “When I punch, I use my arms and core,” Swanepoel says. Stand with feet hip-width apart, left leg just in front of right, fists at chin, elbows in. As you rotate and pivot right foot, punch right arm across body until arm is 75 percent extended. Return to start. Then throw a left hook by raising left elbow to shoulder height, arm bent 90 degrees, rotating through hips. Return to start; do 15 reps. Switch sides; repeat.