salad pants

oh man i’m making dinner and it includes both quinoa and kale

who have i become


Which Blake look did you prefer in “High Art”?  Salad Pants Trash or Movie Vest Cash?

Costume Supervisor Jerry Jaeger works with Blake for every episode to find the right piece of crazy clothing to accentuate the character’s journey; and few pieces have matched as well as “Cool Blake’s” movie vest.  Part of me is very happy that goldmine avoided being soaked in piss; the good ones always remain piss free, I’ve found.

And worry not!  Despite what some had feared, Blake DID NOT cut his hair for reals.  He tucked it up, bob style, and his real long locks return for the rest of Season 3B.  

See Blake’s long hair return with customary flare in an all-new Workaholics, this Wednesday at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.

December 16, 2015
  1. Libra

  2. Aquarius
     Satsuma mandarin

  3. Sagittarius

  4. Aries

  5. Capricorn

  6. Gemini
     Vegetable chips

  7. Taurus
     Checkered pattern

  8. Virgo
     Foreign news
     Light blue

  9. Cancer
     Latest news

  10. Scorpio
     Change purse

  11. Pisces
     Pedestrian bridge

  12. Leo
     Turtleneck shirt