salad age

Collage of May for my phone. If you’d like something like this for another character, please don’t hesitate to ask! ♥

Corypheus Goes to The Deli


Scott - 16 years old, works part-time at the deli counter and just needs some cash for college. Only worked of a week. Has braces.  Is in the school marching band. He plays tuba.  His mom drives him to work.  He’s friends with Jim, a lifer at the grocery store.

Jim - 40 years old, stuttering guard from the game. In love with a girl who works at the deli.

Corypheus - Immortal.  Getting ready for the Architect’s annual Memorial Day BBQ.  He’s STRESSED OUT.  The Architect must have everything JUST SO.   

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The Diner’s romance

Request: Hi there! I’m Lu from Argentina. I’ve been reading your work and i’m amazed. You’re AWESOME! <3 I’ve a request ,if you have free time, could you wrie a sam x reader in which sam meets a girl and they kinda get along but after a few days she revels she is a virgin and well.. sam decides to change that situation in the fluffiest way possible? Thaanks. Sorry for my shitty grammar :) by @phanfeverstuff

Words: 1506

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warning: Virgin!Reader, fluffy smut, unprotected sex 

A/N: I changed the few days thing to a few weeks cause at least I wouldn’t tell someone only a few days after I met them, so yeah :) 
(Y/F/N) = your friends name 

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Some Captain sketches because I haven’t drawn this goof properly in ages. Mainly his hair and face structure has been messing me up, but I’m sorta getting the hang of it maybe. I should have another aosltg out real soon!

Scott - Corypheus’ new best friend. Former Deli Worker.  Mom made him quit because it was getting in the way of band practice. Scott has braces and a lisp. His costume – A Grey Warden

Corypheus/Architect: Their costume: The Maker and Andraste. The Architect is very serious about the concept of this costume, and once again is STRESSING CORYPHEUS OUT!

Jim (not pictured): Former-manager of the Deli is having a Halloween Party. He has invited Scott and a plus one. Costume: Tevinter Magister–he got the costume out of a bag at his local super-store.


Corypheus watches as Scott walks up to the festively decorated house. “Don’t worry, Corypheuth!” the small boy says brightly, “Thith will be fun!”

“It might do us some good to get out. I did have these fabrics specially ordered from Rivain,” notes the Architect smoothing down his blonde wig. “I do hope they like my marzipan pumpkin petit-fours. It’s an ancient Orlesian recipe, from those golden days when they lived under Tevinter’s shadow.”

Corypheus steps onto the porch and looks around at the cheap crepe paper and rubber bat decorations in disgust, “Be this some dream I wake from?” He whirls in a semi-circle, swiping at cheap hangings meant to resemble spider webs. “Am I in dwarven lands?!”

Jim steps forward to greet his guests, smile bright and easy. He smoothes down his magister robes.

“You!” Corypheus points one long, erotic talon in Jim’s direction. “Serve you at the Temple of Dumat?” As Corypheus’s voice booms through the room, Jim knows. He knows. His face locks in a rictus of terror. That fateful day at the deli flashes before his eyes. He’s sweating so much he can feel one half of his fake mustache slip off his lip.

“These decorations! They will avail you nothing! You, in the paltry magister outfit!” Corypheus points at Jim. “Do you dare to oppose my divine will! Whoever you be, you owe fealty to the Pontifex Maximus of Dumat. On your knees!! All of you!

“Perhaps, before the kneeling, you might want to sample my seasonal apertifs?” The Architect says, trying to defuse the situation a bit.

Jim, opens the door wider. “Maker, per-per-per-serve me.”

“I am your Maker now!” booms Corypheus.

“Don’t worry, Jim! Thith will be a fun night,” Scott smiles as Corypheus wails in the background.

Art by @slayerofkillabee

Words by @magister-amoris and @i-am-medea (in spiritus)

Hi I’m a vegan and no I don’t hate you because you aren’t vegan and I’m not going to force kale down your throat but I will kindly explain to you why I think veganism is great and it is because you save more animal lives than you could ever comprehend and you save the environment and it’s cheaper and tastier and better for your body believe me and I haven’t eaten a salad in ages because I mostly eat pancakes and potato and I can eat ice cream made of bananas for breakfast I don’t even like salad and yet I’m still vegan and I’m still healthy and just look at animals and how cute they are and how cute my new outfit is because I save a lot of money by not buying into the industry so I could afford it more easily and my leather handbag isn’t real leather so yah no dead cows and my skin is clearer and my health is better and I’m just like 10000% happier and I still don’t hate you but I do love being vegan and I care about you and the world and THAT is why I rave about how AWESOME MY LifEstyLe is k bye plant power

Thanksgiving Touches (Derek)

AN: I’m not American so I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving which is a perfect excuse as to why this is being posted four days after Thanksgiving? Either way, have some Derek fluff. 

You had no idea that every time you touched Derek, a wave of goosebumps went over him. At least that’s how it started out. The first few times he got goosebumps, but then those goosebumps sparked thoughts about what would happen if those touches went further, and then that just turned into a whole wad of pented up sexual frustration. So realistically you had no idea that asking Derek to help you make Thanksgiving Dinner for the pack would end up the way it did. And neither did he - but he couldn’t say he didn’t imagine it would.

You had been humming contentedly under your breath the moment you knew you’d get everything done in time. The turkey and veggies were in the oven, the salads had been prepped ages ago, and now you were crossing your kitchen to pull out the pre-made pie filling from the fridge as Derek rolled out dough. You stopped as you passed by him, your hand lightly hovering over his back as you checked on how he was going. You didn’t notice the goosebumps that tingled up his arm as your hand rested on it, urging him to slow down with a soft smile. “Go easy on the dough Der, we don’t want it to be too thin.” There was a lightness to your voice that made his heart skip a beat. He turned his head to look at you and it may have been down to the glass of wine you had finished about ten minutes before, but when his eyes met yours you felt your stomach flip. “Easy on the dough. Gotcha.” His words broke the little trance the two of you were caught in for a second and you nodded your head before turning back on your journey to the fridge. You didn’t hear Derek swear under his breath as you moved away. You pulled the fillings out of the fridge alongside the bottle of white wine you had open an hour ago and turned to place them down on the kitchen counter next to Derek. When your elbow brushed his you took no notice, but Derek definitely did. He had to take in a deep breath, pausing for a moment to collect himself and not concentrate on the feel of your skin brushing his. But that didn’t help. He was in your apartment. He was with you. You had started humming again so the sound of that and the ticking of the oven filled his ears, the smile of spices from the pie fillings met his nostrils as you took off the plastic cling-wrap covering them, but your own lavender scented perfume travelled with that as well as the welcoming smell of your apartment. Derek forced himself to open his eyes and concentrate on the dough again, hoping that that would distract him from you. But you were there too, deciding that Derek needed a hand. You dipped your hand into the bag of flour and sprinkled some flour over the dough, leaning over him to reach it. That meant you were touching him again and this time Derek couldn’t ignore the goosebumps spreading through him. “I can’t take it anymore.” He said suddenly, dropping the rolling pin and moving so suddenly that you didn’t even realize his lips were on yours till you noticed that your back was pressing into the counter behind the two of you. When you caught up on what was happening you reacted. Your hands went to his cheeks and you pulled him closer, returning his feverish kiss. His hands were on your waist and as they squeezed into your skin you were knocked back to reality for a second. “Wait- Wait…” You pulled your head away from his and felt him try to kiss you again but you kept ahold of his face, eyes locking into his. “Can’t take it anymore?” You asked, a small crinkle of a frown appearing between your brows. Derek leant forward and softly pecked the crinkle. When a small smile danced onto your lips over the placement of the tiny kiss, he began peppering little pecks all over your face as he explained. “For the last month I’ve been wanting to do that… Every time you touch me it drives me a little crazy and today… Well today I just couldn’t take it anymore.” You brought his lips to yours and kissed him softly, your smile present throughout. “I’m grateful you couldn’t take it anymore.” You said. Derek’s eyes lit up and he smiled at you. “Yeah?” He asked. You nodded your head and before you could say yes Derek had begun kissing you again. The two of you proceeded to make out against the kitchen counter, not stopping till you heard the front door handle rattle and the sounds of some of the pack arriving. You pushed Derek back towards the other counter and quickly smoothed your clothes and hair down, brushing off some of the flour that was on your hands. Derek picked the rolling pin back up and you both smiled as the front door opened and Lydia, Stiles, Scott and Kira came in. “Happy Thanksgiving!” They chorused, making your heart burst with happiness. They came towards the kitchen, pulling off their coats and leaving them in the living room. “Look at this guys! Derek’s baking! I gotta get a photo of this.” Stiles fumbled for his phone and everyone laughed as Derek rolled his eyes. “Clearly he’s getting into it. There’s even flour in his beard.” Pointed out Lydia. Derek frowned and raised a hand to his beard, scratching it in confusion. You suddenly became very wary of your own flour covered hands.