this was my colorful dinner, am i the only one who feel happy when eats colorful food? plus i love so much the cruncy but delicate taste of veggies and fruits. well, here’s avocado salad with greens, flax seeds corn and chickpeas, homemade guacamole, brown rice cakes and a peach

clearly yesterday night i wasn’t in the mood to update the blog, so i’ll do it now; for dinner i had a typical amazing summer salad made of mixed greens, olives, corn and topped with hemp seeds, apple vinegar and evo oil + not pictured brown rice cakes and then two white flat peaches to add a bit of sweet to a bitter evening.. (:


We made a bunch of classics tonight, including palmiers with Gruyère and whole-grain mustard, tomato and stone fruit salad with mozzarella cheese and pistachio-lemon vinaigrette, and lamb meatballs with a chipotle cream sauce.

The latter is something I’ve been meaning to post on but the site that hosted the recipe has been blitzed so clearly I need to post it on my own because it’s that good.

This has been my go-to salad for the past few days 😍 Creamy, savoury, sweet, and just so so good. I mix spinach, mixed greens, red onion, grapes and avocado in a dressing of hummus and lemon juice 👌 Give it a go and I’m sure you’ll see why I’m such a fan! #vegan #veganeats #vegansofig #vegancommunity #veggies #vegetables #plantbased #hclf #hclfv #healthy #salad #nutritious #wholefoods #greens #personal