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Wait a minute...I just saw the full body half suspended Gleggie sex scene from Arrow on the Doorstep. Do you have any idea how we can go about getting this for Richonne? Because I forgot this existed until the rerun but now that they've reminded me, I want it and its their fault so its their responsibility to GIVE IT TO ME!

Hi there anon.  Thanks for the observation and question.  Yes that sex scene between Gleggie was hot.  I will hand it to SY and LC.  I’m really hoping we get an awesome love scene between Richonne for S7.  I know there will be a lot of seriousness in S7 but heck being in love is serious too and we need to see Rick and Michonne connecting with each other in ALL ways.  I wish we could successfully petition for a slow and sexy love scene between Rick and Michonne getting all lovey dovey in his bed but alas we shan’t….LOL!  What we can do is hope for the best and claim it!  HERE’S TO CLAIMING THAT AWESOME LOVE SCENE BETWEEN RICK AND MICHONNE IN SEASON 7!!!!!!!!!

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for @cassammydean lmao

“Hope you can give as good as you look, big boy,” the beautiful green-eyed man, who introduced himself as Dean over the noise of the jukebox in the corner of the bar, says as he presses up closer with a salacious grin, “‘cause just so you know, I like it rough.”

Castiel allows Dean to nestle all up against him despite the public setting, uncaring of whoever might see or whatever anyone else might think, should any of the other fellow regulars see. If anything, he wants to draw Dean in even tighter, so tightly that there is no empty space and no stitch of clothes separating them anymore.

So, he puts his one arm around Dean’s soft waist and lays the hand of the other on the back of his neck, lets it settle after a stroke. It elicits a shudder and a flutter of Dean’s eyelids, in the same sort of immediate reaction that has Dean go relaxed in his hold, sigh something sweet and fully lean into Castiel’s body.

Castiel observes Dean’s shift in position, if not yet in attitude, for only a few moments. That is all the time he needs to ponder on this, until he already lets his fingers draw a tiny circle into the skin behind Dean’s ear and gently stroke up and down the small of his back, experimentally.

Just as immediately and in a display of something that appears strikingly instinctive, Dean’s eyes fall shut and his mouth open, and a small and pleased sound escapes his lips as he buries his face in Castiel’s neck.

At once, Dean seems to different from before; so inexplicably needy that it has Castiel lose himself in their embrace, too.

Unable to help himself, Castiel turns his head until his lips drag against the by now shell of Dean’s ear and he puts a tiny kiss, barely more than the suggestion of one, onto the curve of it. And then, with his next exhale, another one.

It seems to be the wrong thing to do.

As if stung by an adder, Dean tenses in his hold, his body locking up, and he all but tears himself out of Castiel’s arms.

Not entirely surprised by his behavior, Castiel lets him. Still, he keeps his gaze resting on Dean, who, despite his violent reaction, barely took more than two steps back and still hovers within this space that they share.

There’s a fierce scowl marring Dean’s otherwise flawless features and a blush dusting his cheeks and neck in a way he wouldn’t be able to deny if he tried to. Regardless of his apparent anger, his hands only curl into fists in a sporadic manner, the tension in his body seems to ebb and flow with every time that he fully straightens himself and then leans closer towards Castiel again, and in his entirety, he doesn’t look about to lash out. More than anything, he looks abashed. Caught.

Briefly, Dean’s eyes skid away from Castiel, towards the rest of the bar and the other patrons, all of which he had called boring as he sidled up to Castiel. Despite the dim lights of their surroundings, it’s easy to catch the bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallows and the conflict in his eyes, and right before he turns back towards Castiel, he nods slightly to himself.

“So, you up for it?” Dean asks, voice even rougher now than before. His previous bravado seems even more put-on now, as he pulls back his shoulders, straightens his back and plasters on a wide grin. “Remember, either give it to me how I like it or you can go straight home.”

Castiel allows himself to take him in for a few more seconds: the almost imperceptible tremble of Dean’s hands, the falsely cocky but actually nothing but open posture, the flush adorning his skin and the bulge in his pants, both of which hadn’t been there before they shared gentle touches, and the vulnerable plea in his eyes.

All of which makes it much too easy to decide; makes it impossible to turn him down.

“I am sure I will be able to manage,” Castiel promises with a smile that he hopes is as full of warmth and desire as he is. And it must be, because in spite of a short burst of anxiety and then relief in Dean’s face, he finds it quickly reciprocated by Dean’s own, shaky one.

To all those that inhabit these glass windows, I pose a question: how does one keep at bay, how do I say… salacious imagery, relating to, and I quote ‘Singles in your area’.

Any assistance would be most appreciated, and my thanks given sincerely.

edgy fuckers sharing this shit on Facebook like they’ve got the high ground or something

Pokemon GO is not some dystopian mind control device

it does exactly the opposite of what this photo is portraying, it gets people out of the house, talking to each other, doing communal shit and having fun. i walked like fucking 50 km this week with friends to hatch eggs, we had a  great time

you’re either jealous you’re not on the hype, or you’re just a salacious killjoy reptile who wants to suck the fun out of anything that breathes an ounce of joy into this bloody awful 2016 we’re having

probably got like a 43 CP pidgey as their best pokemon

you dont have enough badges buddy get back in your mind cave


“Why do you care, Porthos?” She wonders, removing her gloves despite the air being cold enough to make her fingers twitch.

“Where we’re from, you and me,” he answers. “It’s not as easy as right and wrong, is it? You’re marked no matter what you’ve done because of where you’re from, as a thief or a murderer…”

“Or a prostitute, or a beggar, or a prospective duchess with a salacious past…”

(what should’ve been, but wasn’t : two people who had it hard taking it easy on each other) .

salacious-bug replied to your post: “people can joke all they want but the fact blizzard is calling the…”:

doesn’t one of roadhog’s sprays show his face?

ur referring to his wanted poster spray which im 99% sure is meant to be an exaggeration of his mask morphed onto his face, hence the sunglasses, in a type of “this is how he was described by eye witnesses“ kind of way

with how literally every other character in the game is designed taken into consideration, unless they really wanna push the fatphobic pig theme even further, i can’t imagine he’s actually a literal pig man

  • "If ____ dead, does that make ____ a necrophiliac?"
  • "Holy fuckin' shit, I have never seen so many references to spankin' the monkey."
  • "Well I would certainly like that. I mean, two _____ at once..."
  • "Again with the durian ice cream."
  • "Why the durian ice cream?"
  • "I've never done latex-- leather, maybe, but latex?"
  • "Magical spandex."
  • "Put away the poker chips and salacious pictures."
  • "I don't write fanfiction, by the way. Except maybe about _____."
  • "Unfortunately, I typically find myself on the receiving end of fanfiction..."
  • "........ I'm not thinking of my partner like that."
  • "I've lost count of how many times we've done that."
  • "I know, i've been executed so many times."
  • "...It must be hard, waking up in the morning and being that fucking SAVAGE."
  • "Damn. That had more shade than my hallucinations."
  • "And the police dick with the SAVAGE clapback!"
  • "I suppose when you're alone most of the time, you get the chance to think of such one-liners."
  • "Someone call the police, cause we just witnessed a mURDER!"
  • "To the one that won my response is roughly NOPE."
  • "Also the highest rate of taking dick."
  • "Man, ____ with the total lack of chill."
  • "Oh, god. The fucking furries."
  • "Why furries."

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I've seen lots of posts going around lately about how Will and Harry chose pieces of their mothers jewellery to keep when they where young , is this actually true and if so is there any evidence for what pieces they chose ?

So I have seen this come up a bit recently for some reason so we’ll go through the facts:

  • Neither William nor Harry have ever commented on who got what from Diana or how the ring came to be in William’s possession
  • The reason people say that the ring was taken by Harry and William got the Cartier watch is because of an account by Paul Burrell. Burrell was a butler to Diana. He said he was the one who walked with the boys through Diana’s KP apartment and let them pick items. He said William took the watch and Harry took the ring. Neither boy has ever commented on it. Some take that as truth because Burrell was very close to Diana; others doubt it because Burrell later stole from Diana, tried to sell personal items, wrote a salacious autobiography, and was disowned by the royals for being a money grabber who disrespected Diana’s memory. So that is up to the individual to decide if they believe it.
  • At some point, William got the ring and gave it to Kate. 
  • The palace did not release a statement about who got what. That didn’t happen. Some people claim it did but it didn’t and they rely on their “superiority” and hope people believe whatever fits their view.

Now let’s look at some of the rumours surrounding the issue:

  • Some people say that Harry’s reaction to hearing about the ring while he was serving abroad showed he didn’t know William had it. There is no video footage, named sources, or evidence giving Harry’s reaction to the ring being used for Kate. Some people have claimed that he was shocked and swore when he saw it on TV. It’s not supported anywhere. That’s never been claimed anywhere except forums and Tumblr. So we don’t have any evidence whether he was surprised about it being used. 
  • Some have suggested the princes agreed that whoever got engaged would take the ring first. There’s no evidence for or against that. 

So ultimately the only facts are Diana got an engagement ring and then a while later Kate got it. The rest is circumstantial and dubious so it’s up to the individual to make up their mind on it

Dropping Eaves

I got a bit of writing done today and this fulfils one of the prompt requests I’ve had sitting over at @tellmevarric for far too long. Anonymous asked for:  “I noticed” for Cullrian and here it is. 

Dorian inadvertently eavesdrops on a conversation. He learns some thing he’d rather not have and some things he’s glad he did.

Note: This fic very briefly references Cullen’s time at Kinloch Hold and in Kirkwall.

“I noticed.”

It wasn’t the words that brought Dorian to a halt so much as the tone of voice of the one saying them. It was amused, sly, salacious and full of innuendo. Whoever it belonged to was tucked away in the next niche in the library and clearly hadn’t noticed that Dorian was still there. It was late at night after all and he had been busy cross-referencing silently so whoever it was and whoever they were speaking to probably thought they were all alone. He should probably make himself known and shoo them out but frankly he was curious about what had prompted that tone of voice.

“But… the Tevinter mage?”

Dorian twitched and made the first move to shut down the conversation very firmly. If it was about him, it wasn’t likely to be anything good. However that sly amused voice halted him once again.

“I know. You should see them when they’re playing chess. I’m not sure whether to find them utterly adorable yet slightly sickening due to the sheer sugar overload or to be insanely jealous because honestly, what does the Tevinter mage have that I haven’t got?”

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Atalia had heard enough about the Midnight Owl that she was sure she didn’t have to read it, though it didn’t hurt to actually see the words for herself. She sat down at the Slytherin table, piling food onto her plate as she read. She could hear someone speaking to her, but her eyes scanned the word salacious and she smirked. Keeping the smug look on her face, Atalia looked up. “Well…Just because you didn’t have fun…”

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..It wasn't a shipping moment though. It was a moment to show Jimin's caring and loving side towards the members, including his dongsaeng. This is why shippers are like the plague in fandom. All this drama is so ridiculous, and over an innocent and cute moment that was just to showcase one of Jimin's endearing sides. Shippers really need to stop all of this, in the end it just makes idols uncomfortable that they can't even show affection without it being turned into something salacious..

Hmm looky here. I feel like I get really civilized hate. I don’t know if I can even call this hate but….

When people ship it can be a lot of different forms. It can be platonically or romantically. The point is that the broadcast was cute and it highlighted Jimin and Jungkooks relationship.

And now people who don’t support Jikook are finding ways to make it 1. about how Jimin and Jungkook can’t be shipped romantically because Jimin is Jungkoks mom and 2. about how they can’t even be shipped platonically because clearly Jungkook doesn’t even like Jimin

I hate drama. And I hate the thought of the boys every discovering the mess that shipping can become. But thats why I don’t @ the boys on twitter or comment on their youtube about this stuff. Thats why I talk about it here. Thats why most shippers are here. And here you are trying to ruin that too.

Also be aware that I love to delete anti jikook asks and hate so consider that before even sending stuff in.

I’m a shipper. A jikook one at that. If you don’t like that you should probably steer clear of my blog.

The Internet Police: How Crime Went Online, and the Cops Followed #3yrsago

Nate Anderson is one of my favorite Ars Technica writers – always thorough and always evenhanded, but never shrinking from venturing an opinion or trying to put individual incidents in the context of the wider Internet. His new book, The Internet Police: How Crime Went Online, and the Cops Followed, is a brisk, eminently readable, and important history of the relationship between law, law enforcement, and the net, and as you’d expect, it’s excellent.

Crime books are inherently interesting. All that salacious detail, all those ill-gotten gains, all that breathless chasing and courtroom drama. Internet Policeis no exception. Anderson’s reporting career has exposed him to innumerable cases of fascinating and horrifying networked shenanigans, and he cherry-picks the most interesting stories to tell, and tells them well, and uses each one to paint a broader picture of how the attempt to impose law and lawfulness on the Internet has unfolded at every turn.

Anderson does good work on drawing the connection between certain policing measures – censorship, surveillance, private copyright enforcement, campaigns to control devices and features – and the overall health of the Internet and the safety of its users. This is the most important and least understood element of the theory of networked policing: when you set the rules so that the police have an easy time of removing material from the Internet, or listening in, or disabling devices, or hijacking computers, you create a broad vulnerability that is available to everyone, not just the “good guys.” He shows how poorly thought-through efforts to make it easier to enforce the rules just let the bad guys do worse – whether those bad guys are crooks, totalitarian governments, or bad cops.

For all that, Anderson’s book is profoundly empathic. Even when he’s showing you where the cops got it badly wrong, or where the entertainment industry’s policy objectives were self-destructive and terrible for the net, he goes to some lengths to try to understand why the people who enacted these rules failed. He doesn’t assume that mistakes spring from mere stupidity, and looks for the “reasonable” case for each mistake. He doesn’t let the rich and powerful off the hook for their mistakes, but knowing how the mistakes got made is key to understanding how to prevent them in future.

I follow a lot of the same issues as Anderson, and in my view, he really understands this subject and brings a lot of insight to it. I did disagree with him in a few places – his description of the defeat of SOPA repeats the pernicious myth that it was killed because Google stood up to Congress; the truth is that there was a massive grassroots uprising that Google and other big players rode along for once it was clear that to do otherwise was to be on the wrong side of history. I suspect that Anderson was employing shorthand here, but this shorthand has an unfortunate coincidence with the story that power-players in DC tell each other about a world where big companies call all the shots and the little people don’t matter.

That’s a quibble, though. For the most part, I vigorously agreed with Anderson’s analysis, and enjoyed the way he made connections I hadn’t seen and filled in backstory I hadn’t known about. All in all, this is a great choice for someone wanting to understand the way that law and code interact with each other.

The Internet Police: How Crime Went Online, and the Cops Followed

Lil bulk.

These appeared in my inbox, I don’t know if they are new or old, so I’m posting them. Sorry if these came in awhile ago.

So you’re gonna report a bogus story to the tabloids but not include pictures? You’re gonna sit and watch something so salacious go down that you must report it but you don’t take a picture? Okay.

Lol there are plenty of creeper pics out there. You have to search hard for them but they do exist. I’ve even seen some from when N was in TX for Christmas. So yeah, they do exist & if it’s something really juicy (i.e. PDA hookups in dive bars) then absolutely those pics would’ve surfaced. It’s funny the people who started that particular rumor claim to be huge fans of WD & N yet they couldn’t snap a pic? People snap creeper pics of N all the time yet NO ONE caught that?!? Doubtful!

Yes but if someone is reporting a rumor to tabloids then you better believe they’d sell the pictures too. The fans who started the Normily dating rumor sold those creeper photos of Norman and Emily to TMZ. Also the rumor I’m sure the original anon is referencing was DENIED by Norman’s camp and was also started by fans. Fans who, let’s not forget, think any woman in the same vicinity as Norman is banging him. Just saying.

@can-men-die-already-please made this comment and blocked me.

Shows how Christina Hoff Sommers is 100% correct when she says feminist goal is no never allow debate. They only make salacious claims and lies. They can never actually stand by anything they say. 

No, there is no rape culture in the west. 

No, there is no wage gap. 

No, feminist do not tell the truth.

Yes, feminist think someone that teaches women self defense and arms them is pro rape. 

Thank god feminism is a dying cause. The more they expose themselves, the more people hate them.

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My assumption is you are really nice and sweet and a great storyteller ❤️

Oh, wow! Thank you for still thinking I seem nice and sweet - even after reading my stories! lol I wonder how many people really think I am just a salacious pervert that likes to tell a story now and then. haha! ♥ But seriously, thank you for the nice compliments. VERY sweet. Just like you, my dear, Anon.

Want to play the assumption game? Click HERE!