salaam muhammad

Looking for Brothers

As-salamu alaykum, my name is Matt and I have just recently reverted to Islam in the past year.  I dont have many people with whom I cam discuss Islam.  When I reverted to Islam, I lost a lot of my friends.   If anyone on here would like to talk and have nice conversations and form a friendship, please dont hesitate to message me.  

Artist: Salaam Muhammad

(Me, Myself and God) is dedicated to the common struggle of a black woman establishing a solid relationship with God ..through mistreatment, heartbreaks and failure a great percentage of black women long for a spiritual foundation to heal a broken heart from unfortunate circumstances in every day life ..this painting shows a woman in comfortable setting determined to seek out refuge in the divine scriptures of basics steps towards a relationship and better foundation with her creator.

There were two christian men, John and Mike, whose plane crashed into a desert. Luckily they survived unharmed. As they traveled through the hot desert looking for food and water, they gave up and sat down, thinking of what to do.

As the dust in the air settled, they suddenly could view a mosque ahead. They became very hopeful. But then John said “Muslims are there. They might help us if we say we are Muslim.” Then Mike said “No way, I won’t say I’m Muslim, I’m gonna be honest”.

So John and Mike went to the Mosque ahead and were greeted by a Muslim, who asked what their names were.

John thought of a Muslim name and said, ‘My name is Muhammad’. And Mike said 'My name is Mike’.

The Arab man said 'Hello Mike.’ And told these other men to take Mike and give him food and drink.

Then he turned to John and said, 'Salaam Muhammad. Ramadan Mubarak! (Hello Muhammad, Happy Ramadan)