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We asked our readers how they thought Spider-Man got his powers. You answered by email, text, blog, and even a brick through the window (please refrain from that in the future). Here’s what you had to say:

Lashawn F., Soho

Spider-Guy’s probably suffering from some diseases, I bet, like Arachno Syndrome, or Tarantulitis (my little brother came up with those, he’s mad funny)! He climbs walls, he shoots webs, and he eats bugs. He can never show his face cause he’s probably got fly-eyes or something. You know, you all should leave the poor guy alone! He’s not an insect; he’s a man. Or both, he’s a mansect! (I came up with that one!!!!)

Is Spider-Man an alien from another planet? Are his webs natural or supernatural? Your thoughts, your words, your paper! Submit here! Contributors who are chosen for print get a $20 Gift Card to Sal and Angelo’s Pizzeria in Mott Haven. Please limit submissions to less than 150 words.