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‘UNDER THE BRIDGE’ The story of Chicano Park (documentary)

When their land was taken and promises broken, a community under siege decided to act. 'Under the Bridge’ is a story of identity and tells the epic tale of Chicano Park in San Diego’s Barrio Logan.

'Under the Bridge’, through remarkable observational
footage, archive and in-depth interviews, reveals the true meaning of the park and of the ripple effects it created that are still felt today.

'Under the Bridge’ is a story of identity and tells the epic tale of Chicano Park in San Diego’s Barrio Logan: a humble piece of ground dwarfed by the massive concrete pillars holding up the Coronado Bridge.

Chicano Park is a place that came to mean so much to so many - and a place where a people found their voice.

“Under the Bridge” tells the story of San Diego’s Chicano Park. In 1970, the residents of Barrio Logan protested the building of a Highway Patrol Substation in their neighborhood. They had been promised a park on that land, under the bridge. Frustrated with the status quo and inspired by the Black Civil Rights movement, let down by the Church and city officials, Chicano artists, musicians, poets, students and residents joined forces to demand justice. And they got it.

Socially, economically and culturally marginalised, the community saw its victory at Chicano Park as a symbolic step in reclaiming their identity. A major part of this process was the recognition of the indigenous heritage shared by many Mexicans. This identification with an indigenous past played a major role in the cultural understanding of the ‘Chicano’ during El Movimiento of the 60s and 70s. Not afforded the ‘native’ status of other US indigenous tribes, their struggle for cultural equality continues to this day.

“Under the Bridge” includes interviews with the likes of Chicano poet and activist, Alurista; founder of Border Angels, Enrique Morones; Chicano Park muralists, musicians and artists, Salvador Torres, Yolanda Lopez, Mario Torero, Sal Barajas, Celia Rodriguez, Yermo Aranda and Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez.

Directed By Mike Todd
Written By Mike Todd
Produced By Riverhorse


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