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So I saw this post and I absolutely had to draw something for it. (Fun fact: this is the first time Ive drawn Angus :o)

Also please consider Steven as Jiji.

AU made by @tuherrus

Like my name might imply, I am taking art requests for anything TAZ related. Seriously, shoot me up with your HC appearances for the characters, shippy things, or just TAZ in-general requests.


Gotham s1e7: Indian Hill     Now that Indian Hill is such an important part of the current plot, there remain some unanswered questions about it. In this episode, Don Falcone and Don Maroni meet to make peace; Falcone says Maroni can “keep” Oswald but Falcone wants something in exchange. Falcone asks for a warehouse; Maroni balks, and Oswald whispers to him to give Falcone Indian Hill. Fish says Indian Hill is worthless, a toxic waste dump atop an Indian Burial Ground. Falcone accepts Indian Hill, as a gesture of friendship.

Of course Oswald was working for Falcone, so Falcone must have told him to trick Maroni into giving up Indian Hill. Why? Arkham Asylum had been closed for ten years. At the beginning of the exchange, Falcone talks about how the Arkham project is a “gold mine” and how wonderful it is that Wayne Enterprises is back in play. Did Falcone sell Indian Hill to Wayne Enterprises? Was he working with Wayne Enterprises all along? Was he told by Wayne Enterprises to frame Mario Pepper for the Waynes’ murder? Were Thomas and Martha Wayne murdered because they planned to renovate Arkham and make it a humane facility, thus interfering with grander plans (the Indian Hill project)?


Acting 2D for a school assignment.

We had to do an actign of a couple of seconds with a Bruce Timm’s character design style. So I redesigned Fish Mooney from the Gotham series, who is a character I really love, in order to animate her. Hope you like it !

Music : Stormy weather - Louis Armstrong