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Tokyo Ghoul! what do you think the captains and Tsukishima would be if they were on Tokyo Ghoul? (CCG, Ghoul, Normal bystander ..?)

|| As much as I love Tokyo Ghoul, the idea of the volleybaes in such a world kills me, but I love it omg. ||

Sawamura Daichi - CCG → Associate Special Class Investigator; Quinque: IXA. Daichi is one to take his duties as an investigator very seriously. After having almost lost a friend due to a ghoul attacking them, he decided to dedicate his life to protecting the innocent, even if the job does involve risking his life. However, his judgment of slaying ghouls starts to waver as he gets instructed to eliminate a ghoul child.

Tsukishima Kei - Ghoul → S Rank; Rc type: Ukaku. Someone to hide in the shadows, Tsukishima has done all that he can to try living a quiet life, struggling on how to hold up on his own in order not to burden his family. With a scholarship to study law in college, he makes sure to maintain a low profile in the midst of his outstanding grades. With little or no regard of his surroundings, he has a sharp tongue and is not afraid to criticize or ridicule others. However, he does have quite the soft side for the bullied and oppressed.

Oikawa Tooru Ghoul → SS Rank; Rc type: Koukaku. Under the alias “Sakushi”, Oikawa is the current leader of the organization called Aobajōsai. Oftentimes, he comes up with strategies during raids and as to how to patrol for food in the night due to the risk of being either captured or slaughtered by CCG investigators. At first glance, the brunet may seem charismatic and kind, but his true nature is playful and keen. One glance he makes at a person can cause them their downfall.

Kuroo Tetsurō - Ghoul → SS Rank; Rc type: Rinkaku. The owner of the city’s renowned bar, Nekomata, Kuroo is a rather casual man with no intention of hurting any humans. He prefers living at peace rather than going on with a life involving living in the slums once more as the notorious “Black Cat.” At certain nights, he and a few of his workers head to alleys and cliffs in search of fresh corpses they can eat.

Bokuto Kōtarō CCG → Rank 1 Investigator; Quinque: Demon Yamada 1. Despite being a little new to the CCG, Bokuto is no slacker. He is energetic and willing to take risks. Although admirable, most of his comrades tend to be rather concerned of his safety. His current partner is Akaashi Keiji who would often have to keep an eye on the investigator as to avoid him from getting into situations he may not handle all alone.

Ushijima Wakatoshi - CCG → First-Class Investigator; Quinque: Kura. A duty, majority of Ushijima’s time revolves around his work as an investigator or training his skills in case of any encounter with a ghoul. Not one to talk a lot, he is very blunt and stern and would make sure that he complies with his superior’s commands right away. He is well-known for his combat expertise and is said to have handled slaying two ghouls on his own at some point.

Series 1 Character 6 - Cherry Duo Saku & Nii-Saku

Shy and nervous girl, and a bold and honest boy, this duo is quite a show.

I like exploring character ides that involve multiple body parts, or rather extra body parts, and one of them was a character with multiple heads and this is a first successful try. :D

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