愛知県 佐久島 by U3K-Y


Above are some art. They can art! They did art!

Sakushima is famous for its art installations. The more… interesting… of which I posted above. We have: inexplicable weed sculpture number one, fucking creepy bunny things with round thing aka inexplicable weed sculpture number two, awesome outside cafe thing (there was a treehouse; my cohorts have pictures of that. At the treehouse was this young guy utterly failing to rope ladder; it was embarrassing, and we climbed up quickly and competently in order to rub it in. The rope ladder had wooden rungs! It was not tricky! He was just indecisive.) These are followed by Big. That is the only kanji we could read in the name. Big was… kinda weird. There was a rock courtyard, a wall made of tiles, and a white niche with a frosted glass window. Part of the courtyard had a gash in it. Yeah… Up next we have The World’s Ugliest Sundial - which is followed by The World’s Ugliest Mural, but wait! There is a story! It is continued between them! It’s about this cruel octopus who was taunting a dolphin with a radish. But in the mural, the dolphin got it back! But the octopus was getting a mallet to brain the dolphin, while the fish watched in horror! HOW WILL IT ALL END?

The next thing is Hole. It had a name involving rocks, but it was basically a hole in an artificial mound with some rocks on top. The feet belong to my cohort, and the picture looks much cooler than the actual thing, if you can believe it.

After that, we have Promontory With Metal Seagulls. These appear to be weathervanes. There were many, in three straight lines.

Finally, we have Ocean God! No, seriously, that was his name. He has a fish on his head, and down by his knees he’s got a little guy!

Art, man.


Last but not least, my favorite place: Virgin Sacrifices Island! On the map, there was a little dude spreadeagled in a circle. We were all very excited; clearly it was the place where the human sacrifices took place! As we approached, we saw the bloodbath house emerge from the trees… we drew nearer. Nearer. It was surrounded by a sterile grassy area, and was grimy white. Inside, there was abandoned audio equipment. Four space heaters. Various discarded and unidentifiable items. A rusted sink full of what appeared to be kerosene cans outside a dilapidated toilet. Beside the sink was a mysterious tiny door - clearly the door through which the corpses were shoved to be burned (seriously, it was much creepier than the sunniness of this photo can reveal).

But the virgin sacrifices, you ask? Well, there was a garden full of plum trees, the plums lying rotting on the ground next to a mosaic walkway. At the end were some strange mounds, atop one of which was a stone platform (on which virgin sacrifices were surely made) and a strange circle in the ground clearly designed for SUDDEN DEATH. Burning at the stake, perhaps. My friend is pretending to be dying horribly, she’s quite good at it. But, you say, this is all in your imaginations. This is strange, but not really threatening.

HAHA! Look at the mounds with the small trees in that litter the surrounding area! Look at them closely. See how they have tiny signs? Tiny blank signs? Tiny signs with NOTHING UPON THEM? Clearly they are the graves of the top-notch sacrifices, as they are under the gaze of the freakin’ terrifying monster thing on a pole which you see above. At the end of the garden of virgin sacrifices, you can see the beach below, which seemed like an excellent place for disposing of the extra bodies.

We thought this mini-island couldn’t live up to our expectations of virgin sacrifices, but honestly, it surpassed them.