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After seeing so many videos of Yuzuru lip-syncing (to Brian, before competitions, etc.) I was really curious to know what he actually SOUNDS like while singing. And while we all know that Yuzu skated to Hana Wa Saku, did you know that he sang it as well? I finally found the full video and he looks so cute singing!! 🙈 

More about the event - Yuzuru was invited to be a judge at the 66th Kōhaku Uta Gassen (an annual year-end song contest) in 2015. Here’s him looking all dapper and smiley on TV:

P.S. Check out yuzusorbet’s coverage of the event for more hilarious moments, like how Seimei briefly faced off Darth Vader, and Yuzu had a fanboy moment when they announced Bump of Chicken was coming on stage ^^

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Hey Sal, I've been reading a lot of Saku's stuff lately and, well, I think she might like you?

R-really?? 💦💦
Oh gosh… what do I do, guys???

Currently stressing-out badly

I need to badly vent this out RN…

now that normal days r coming back again, people are being busy as usual…

I am currently multitasking the hell out of me…

Nobody cares if I am being stressed or sad or being very troubled…

I hate it that nobody listens to my advice or to my wishes even I begged to be listened to…

My classmates are all relaxing while I am worrying about everything that I have been doing since CHRISTMAS BREAK…

Long quizzes, exams, group projects, memorizing, individual projects…

& what’s more I’m adding my own personal stuff in the stuffs I’m already multitasking like drawing, writing scripts, and more!

I already told them that we should do the jobs as early as possible… BUT NO! NOBODY LISTENED TO ME…

And hell lights are turned-off by my uncle and he told me it was for saving electricity…


nOW I’m currently being so alone in a dark room with the only sign of light is my Big Bro’s laptop…

…I mostly hate it that people treat me like trash or as a tool for themselves…

i wrote a cuphead thing

Cuphead wasn’t sure how it happened. How he was so fed up and angrily pointing his finger gun at his brother, or how his brother was pointing his own trembling finger gun right back at him, trying to look as tough as he could. There they were, in front of Inkwell Hell itself, prepared to take on King Dice and the Devil himself, but Cuphead had other plans.

“I want you to go home, Mugsy. I started this mess and I’m gonna be the one to finish it,” Cuphead spoke slowly, voice cautious yet firm. His brother shook his head, a few drops of milk falling from his head and onto the ground.

“No way, Cup. There’s no way I’m letting you take on those two alone. You’ll die, Cuphead!” Mugman pleaded, his entire body quaking with fear.

“I don’t care. You’re not coming with me,” Cup responded. He took a deep breath in and aimed just past his brother’s head, the bullet whizzing right by him. Mugman instantly jumped in fear, stance faltering as Cuphead glared at him. “I said go. Now.“

“Cuphead, I–“

“You’re starting to piss me off! Don’t make me hurt you, Mug!“

“What’s gotten into you?! You really think I’m gonna just leave you here to die, Cuphead?!“ Mugman was yelling now, his eyes brimming with fresh tears. For a split second, Cup’s eyes filled with sorrow at the sight of how hurt his brother looked. “I’m not gonna just abandon you after all we’ve been through! You should have thought about my safety when you rolled the dice back at the casino!“

Cuphead took a step back, but kept his finger gun pointed at his sibling. “Why didn’t you just leave in the beginning, then?! You could have gone home to Gramps and I could have collected all of the contracts all by myself!“ His voice was raising the more the two argued. “I never wanted you to come with me! I never even needed your stupid help! Sometimes, I wish I never even had a brother!!“

Silence. Cuphead was suddenly filled wirh regret as tears streamed down Mugman’s face. The blue-clad brother wiped them away aggressively. “I know you didn’t mean that, Cuphead!“ He shouted. His brother turned away from him. Mug sniffled, taking a step forward as his voice slowly began to grow softer. “Tell me you didn’t mean it, Cuppy!

.. Tell me you didn’t mean it.“

Cuphead was silent as tears of his own began to fill his eyes. He forced himself to keep his back to his brother, both out of anger and out of guilt. He could hear Mugman’s quiet, stifled sobs. “..You know, Cup.. I-I’ve always looked up to you. Even when we were little, I.. wanted to be j-just like you.“ Cup’s tense shoulders dropped. “You were always the stronger brother to everyone when I was the weak, stupid crybaby. Even when people bullied me, I couldn’t stand up for myself and y-you always got hurt because of m-me, I—

You were my hero, Cuphead.“

Tears plopped onto the ground in front of the red brother as he let himself cry, slowly turning to face Mug. He was collapsed onto the ground, hiccuping and sobbing and holding his head in his hands. Slowly, Cuphead felt himself run forward and wrap his arms tightly around his brother.

“I–Mug, I-I’m so sorry.. I never.. I overreacted over something so stupid.. I really c-can’t do this without you.. and–“

“I was way out of line, too! D-Don’t.. don’t blame yourself.. I know you didn’t mean to say any of that bad stuff.. it’s okay..“

For the next few minutes, the two brothers sobbed their worries out, hugging each other as the fires of Inkwell Hell crackled around them. They were so close to being finished collecting the contracts, with a little over half an hour still remaining – which would most likely be enough time to fight King Dice and his boss. The two brothers stood up together as they marched up to the casino, hand-in-hand and confidently staring up at the doors.

“Ready, Mugman?“

“Ready, Cuphead.“

I can’t even with this.

Sasuke looks so happy.

With Naruto (and Boruto).

I don’t think it’s been emphasised enough that 99% of the time that Sasuke is around Naruto, in the movie, he is smiling. And I think we all know how rare it is to see Sasuke smile (and no, showing me a picture from a calendar does not count)

I could say the same for Naruto, though he is generally a ‘happy’ person. However, it’s not hard to tell that the smiles he shares with Sasuke are so full of love, care and (most importantly) meaning.

I could go on for days talking about how these two bring out the best in each other, but I think we all know that already :)

We need to talk about this.

I’m sure that many of us have noticed what is happing with SNS in the Bor//uto manga. Pretty much all of the SNS moments we were given in the Bor//uto movie, have been changed by the new mangaka (Mikio Ikemoto). 

Now, I didn’t really care much about it because I knew this manga was just a rip-off that shouldn’t be taken seriously. But, then, it hit me. And just to make things clear; this is all just my theories and speculations.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what happened in the latest chapter of the Bor//uto manga:

We all remember this beautiful moment, right?

Well… Let’s just say the manga didn’t pay us the favour:

As you can see, in the first panel, I circled where Naruto and Sasuke are standing and in the second panel we can see the distance between the two.

Not only that but this also happened:

And, as far as I can tell, this was meant to replace these two scenes:

Not a millimetre of space between them. Arms wrapped around each other. 

Holding onto bae for support.

After seeing this, I came up with a wild conclusion (which is just a speculation). I’m worried that this is what might happen with the rest of the Naruto anime and most likely with the Bor//uto anime. They will try to erase SNS. Of course, it’s not the same as with this movie and manga which show two different sides. But, I have a feeling like this is what will slowly start to happen. I’m guessing other pairings will go through this as well (but it’s not like they had anything to start with), but SNS will be mostly affected since it’s not ‘canon’ or ‘hetero’. 

However, we know that Kishi will be working on this new anime as well and we do know how he feels about SNS. Maybe he will throw in some stuff for us. Though, we know what kind of troll he can be sometimes :’)

Nonetheless! Take this all with a grain of salt!

I thought we were over with shipping wars but it looks like SP and Kishimoto still haven’t had enough. If they want to make new, stupid love triangles then they could have at least made them somewhat original and not just insert old characters under new names.

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I don't even understand why "sns is abusive" is still on going. They live in a ninja world where fighting is normal. But not only that, there is a difference between a //mutual fight vs a abusive relationship//. They not only both agreed to fight each other but also wanted to fight each other + Sasuke always warned Naruto before attacking. There was no Abuser and no victim. It was MUTUAL. Like, would you call a box fight/wrestling abusive? Even tho they agreed to fight? I don't think so.


I agree and I also have no idea why people still go on to say that SNS is abusive. 

Agreeing to fight with someone for a reason is not the same as attacking someone simply because they are getting in your way.