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I can’t even with this.

Sasuke looks so happy.

With Naruto (and Boruto).

I don’t think it’s been emphasised enough that 99% of the time that Sasuke is around Naruto, in the movie, he is smiling. And I think we all know how rare it is to see Sasuke smile (and no, showing me a picture from a calendar does not count)

I could say the same for Naruto, though he is generally a ‘happy’ person. However, it’s not hard to tell that the smiles he shares with Sasuke are so full of love, care and (most importantly) meaning.

I could go on for days talking about how these two bring out the best in each other, but I think we all know that already :)

NH fan-service in ep. 484

I would probably just ignore this if it was a regular filler episode. But, I was so hyped for this episode and it got ruined by stupid stuff like this…

A forced scene of the so-called ‘Byakugan Princess’ collapsing just to create a N-H moment. 

And is it just me or do Hin//ata’s boobs get bigger each time we see them? lmao talk about fan-service.

I hate it that Hin//ata is forced into every single scene of every episode that isn’t even about her.

In episode 478, they got Hin//ata to stand next to Naruto like she was suddenly one of the most important people to him. 

In episode 482, there is this irrelevant scene where Naruto is protecting Hin//ata from bullies (much like in The Last). Mind you, this is supposed to be an episode about Gaara and Shikamaru.

Now, I’d like to just add to more things that I found funny in this newest episode

As soon as Sasuke is mentioned, Naruto’s face lights up with joy and happiness. (Hin//ata, you better keep on the look-out cause once Naruto sees Sasuke, he’s gone lol)

And in that scene where Sak//ura is thinking of Sasuke returning, we see Sasuke standing at the top of the tree thinking of, the one and only, Naruto. His sunshine boy <3

I try to put the novels aside and not pay attention to them since they aren’t even considered canon.

We need to talk about this.

I’m sure that many of us have noticed what is happing with SNS in the Bor//uto manga. Pretty much all of the SNS moments we were given in the Bor//uto movie, have been changed by the new mangaka (Mikio Ikemoto). 

Now, I didn’t really care much about it because I knew this manga was just a rip-off that shouldn’t be taken seriously. But, then, it hit me. And just to make things clear; this is all just my theories and speculations.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what happened in the latest chapter of the Bor//uto manga:

We all remember this beautiful moment, right?

Well… Let’s just say the manga didn’t pay us the favour:

As you can see, in the first panel, I circled where Naruto and Sasuke are standing and in the second panel we can see the distance between the two.

Not only that but this also happened:

And, as far as I can tell, this was meant to replace these two scenes:

Not a millimetre of space between them. Arms wrapped around each other. 

Holding onto bae for support.

After seeing this, I came up with a wild conclusion (which is just a speculation). I’m worried that this is what might happen with the rest of the Naruto anime and most likely with the Bor//uto anime. They will try to erase SNS. Of course, it’s not the same as with this movie and manga which show two different sides. But, I have a feeling like this is what will slowly start to happen. I’m guessing other pairings will go through this as well (but it’s not like they had anything to start with), but SNS will be mostly affected since it’s not ‘canon’ or ‘hetero’. 

However, we know that Kishi will be working on this new anime as well and we do know how he feels about SNS. Maybe he will throw in some stuff for us. Though, we know what kind of troll he can be sometimes :’)

Nonetheless! Take this all with a grain of salt!

“Sasuke is a jerk for treating Sakura badly after all she did for him!”

I’ve seen something along these lines a few times and felt that this needs to be addressed. 

First of all, Sasuke did not always treat Sak//ura in a bad way. There were times where he was grateful to her

She was a comrade to him and Sasuke cared about his team.

But… When he was acting like a ‘jerk’ there was a reason for it. For example, when leaving the village and Sak//ura was getting in his way.

He clearly tells her that it’s none of her business and that he wants to be left alone. He has the right to say that since he doesn’t want Sak//ura to know. 

Guilt-tripping. She’s saying how cold Sasuke always acts and tries to make him feel bad for that. Yet, she doesn’t know the reason behind his distant act. She never even tries to understand it.

Here, Sak//ura is being selfish. Although she is trying to tell Sasuke that revenge isn’t the way out, she has to mention herself. She is not being selfless because she is saying how Sasuke’s choice won’t make her happy either. This is supposed to be about Sasuke and his well-being yet she still manages to turn it around to herself.

Sak//ura completely ignores what Sasuke is trying to tell her. She simply doesn’t care about Sasuke’s path or what he wants. She just blatantly shouts out her ‘love’ for him and doesn’t address his point. She only wants to gain.

Sak//ura is just being desperate here. She doesn’t understand what revenge Sasuke is seeking after but still tells him that she will help him with it. This clearly states that Sak//ura just wants Sasuke. Nothing more. She goes as far as to ask him if she can go with him.

Guilt-tripping him once again.

And even after all that Sak//ura did, Sasuke kindly thanks her and rejects her. I think Sak//ura should be considered as the ‘bad-guy’ in this case.

All the highlighted bits is Sak//ura trying to guilt-trip Sasuke.

I can’t get close to you.

It’s because Sasuke never wanted to get close. Sak//ura forced her love and affection onto him. She’s getting hurt on her own wish.

It’s totally pitiful, isn’t it?

I don’t think Sak//ura could’ve made it any clear. It’s basically like she’s telling Sasuke “Please pity me and come back!”

Like the old times again, someday.

Sasuke clearly doesn’t care about the old days anymore. He doesn’t want to go back to those days. He only remembers pain and suffering from those days. But obviously, Sak//ura doesn’t know that. 

And this is Sasuke’s response. Sak//ura brought this upon herself with those comments of her’s.


‘My business.’

Sak//ura really needs to learn how to keep her nose out of matters that don’t concern her.

Sorry about any grammatical mistakes. It’s 5am. Too tired to proof-read.

Why do people say that shipping SNS ruins the manga?

The main argument I saw people give was: ‘because this isn’t a gay anime/manga’.

Alright, it was never said to be a shōnen-ai manga. But, Naruto was never said to be a romance anime in general. Naruto is a shōnen (which was heavily based around Sasuke’s and Naruto’s bond anyway).

Yet, people still can’t realise that what actually ruined the show’s ending were these ‘forced’ couples who had pretty much no chemistry and the new ‘next gen’. This stuff is what truly ruined the manga. 


Happy Birthday Sakura! 🌸

Thank you for being a beautiful & badass kunoichi throughout the manga (❁´ω`❁)  And now you’re a sweet little waifu to an Uchiha brat kiddo & proud mama to a precious baby girl.  I couldn’t be more happier for ya! (๑•̥̥̥́ω•̀ू๑)  All the love and kisses and all that good stuff ♥

Sorry for this quick garbage I just made five minutes ago HAHA.  I probably would’ve done something more like cosplaying her for the day, buuut then there’s this thing called Fire Emblem Fates soooo, gomen (o>艸<)  Also, bonus SasuSaku because ‘fry not’ <3