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+ ( Crazy by 4Minute ) - Hongdae Fest Amateur Night
                               w/ Haru, Jazz, & Eunji              Outfit / Song / Choreo

She was nervous, that was for sure. Normally, she’d be more than ready to get on stage in front of people to dance, but a lot had changed over the past few weeks. She hoped the others hadn’t noticed yet, but she thought she could at least say that she’d been excited when they’d been learning and planning. Now that it was almost time to get on stage, though, she could feel her hands and legs shaking, a terrifying thought since she wasn’t all too used to dancing in heels.

She was standing close enough to Jazz to hear her sentiment, and then they were stepping on stage and she was a little glad for the bright lights hiding the people watching them. That helped to calm her nerves a bit as she set into place, helpful since she was the one starting them off, basically.

She started off on one knee, unlike the rest of them, who were standing. She lip synched to the lyrics, probably the only time she’d really let herself and only because it added to the effect. And then she was up on her feet and walking to her next set before slipping back into the choreography. She tried to keep her mind on the music, on the steps, instead of on the crowd or her nerves.

But she almost lost all her nerve when she heard the catcalls from Jazz’s friends, the sudden voices from the crowd setting her on edge. She could feel herself getting off the beat and it drove her nuts. She sighed softly to herself and paused just long enough to slip back onto the beat. Thankfully, the rest of the performance went off without a hitch and she bowed with the other three girls to their audience before they made their way back.

And then she was giving them hugs and telling them how goodthey did before running off to change for her performance with Yoonji, hoping that her guitar was safe with the other girl.


parkharu wooooooow well hello there cutie. is this our son? keke

tinkerwen @parkharu isn’t he just the cutest? LOL i mean i guess technically? ;P i’ve decided his name is either spike or buddy, which one do you prefer?