“☆SakuRap - Kitto Daijoubu 「きっと大丈夫」☆”

ほぼ命令 誘っていて
ワタシ身なりお手入れ (だってLady)
L.U.C.K.Y. D.A.Y
を経て経て新世界"It’s delight!“
wicked wicked wicked everytime

“how was today, baby?” your senpai asked you over-respectfully,
but when he invited you out it was almost an order.
“I have to dress up” (as expected from a lady)
our L.U.C.K.Y D.A.Y passes and a new world comes.
for example trying to change places.
wicked wicked wicked every time

lyrics courtesy of nanachan707 and


나는 똥 냄새도 쟈스민
Even my shit smells like jasmine

ALL or NOTHING (Eye of the Tiger remix) (THE SHOW Solo Con)
ALL or NOTHING (Eye of the Tiger remix) (THE SHOW Solo Con)

“All or Nothing” remixed with “Eye of the Tiger” by Sakurai sho for his solo con “The Show”

I’ve listened to this too much that i care to admit, even if it has crappy sound from a fan recording, this is too awesome. Damn, I miss the days when Sho-lun had his radio show and would drop some of his remixes and creations from time to time ;_;

“Ramen” if you know what I mean XD

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