My boss was asking some questions about Arashi, so I showed her a few things. Hope in the Darkness from The Digitalian concert. A video with samples of the songs performed during the Are You Happy? Tour. I also showed her this moment. It’s one of my all time favorite Arashi segments (and also where I got my username from). I thought it was a good introduction to each member.

Sho: Seriously intense when I finally stop laughing

Nino: If I have to.

Jun: Mr. Suave and straight to the point.

Ohno: Don’t talk much but when I do… you’ll remember


She kept saying “Well, they ARE cute.” “He’s so cute!” “They’re in their 30′s?!” “They’re sooooooo cute!” “I can’t believe they’re in their 30′s” “That one is seriously cute.”

So I thought it was safe to start slowly drawing her in. 

Also, I think she’s leaning towards Sho. :)

A break down of Arashi’s singing parts on “Miles Away” song from [ Are You Happy ] album.

See? This is one of the reasons this song is my no.1 favorite from that album. Their voices have matured a lot 😭💗

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