On Sale today! "Are You Happy?"

Ohno: Our new album “Are You Happy?” goes on sale today! The host for this time’s round-table discussion, too, will be chosen by drawing straws!

Sakurai: …Nothing!
Aiba: Nope!
Matsumoto: …Oh, it’s me!
Aiba: Please do the honors!
Matsumoto: All right, this is Matsumoto, and I’ve been put in charge of being the host this time.
Aiba & Ohno & Ninomiya & Sakurai: Whooo! (applause)

Matsumoto: First, Sakurai-san! Since each member has been involved in some way with the new songs this time… what exactly does “under the supervision” mean!?

Sakurai: Hmm, let’s see… it’s like directing, or overseeing.
To put it simply, a song you produce! In nature, that is. But everyone has a different way of approaching a song, right?
Even when I say “produce,” there are various ways to do that.

Matsumoto: That’s true. That’s exactly what’s distinct about our album “Are You Happy?” this time.
Sakurai: Some chose a song…
Matsumoto: “I want to take it in this direction!” and such.
Sakurai: Yeah, and some also wrote lyrics. None of us have the same approach.

Matsumoto: That’s right. Well… since I think there are other opportunities for each of us to talk about our own “under the supervision” song, let’s ask someone else about it instead!
Okay, Ohno-kun! What kind of song is “DRIVE”? Please tell us your impressions of when you heard it and when you sang it!

Ohno: Basically, “DRIVE” is an invigorating song. How to put it? It’s a song that can make you feel like you’re already taking a drive.
Sakurai: Ohno-san, do you have a driver’s license?
Ohno: Of course… I don’t have one!
Ninomiya: I’m surprised, I thought you’d take this opportunity to get one.
Sakurai: …So you’re talking from the passenger seat?
Ohno: Yep, the passenger seat!
Aiba: From that perspective, huh?
Ohno: It can make you feel like you’re taking a drive sitting in the passenger seat.
Matsumoto: How about using this chance to get a driver’s license, too?
Ohno: I hope to. It’s a song that can make you feel hopeful about things.
Matsumoto: If you’re going to listen to it, it’d be nice to listen to it while driving.
Ohno: I want to get a license.
Sakurai: Just to listen to this song…
Ohno: Just to listen, I’ll get my driver’s license. (LOL)
Ninomiya: So it makes you want to get one?
Ohno: It does.
Matsumoto: So for Ohno-san, it’s a song that makes him want to get a license.
Ohno & Ninomiya: Hehehehehe.

Matsumoto: All right, next up is “青春ブギ (Seishun Bugi)” produced by Aiba-san. Sakurai-san!
Sakurai: First, I’ll have to mention the title!
Aiba: Uh huh.
Sakurai: It makes me curious! What kind of song is it?
Aiba: The word “seishun” isn’t mentioned in the song.
Ninomiya: You mean the word itself!
Aiba: Yeah! Same for “bugi”!
Sakurai: You know, the fact that even though we’re at this age, the word “seishun (youth)” is still being used. I get excited wondering what kind of song it might be.
Aiba: Thank you!
Sakurai: Also, I was surprised when I heard the opening! I thought, “He did it again.” It’s such a fun song!
Aiba: Thaaank you!!
Matsumoto: What’s your favorite part?
Sakurai: Probably the interlude!?
Matsumoto: Oh, the interlude!!
Aiba: It’s an interlude with a lot of energy!
Sakurai: That’s why it’s not really an interlude!
Ninomiya: I see, it doesn’t provide a pause!
Sakurai: Even the interlude isn’t an interlude!
Matsumoto: It’s something to look forward to listening to!
Sakurai: Please look forward to it! “Seishun Bugi”! On sale now! (LOL)

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