sakurada family


Castle Town Dandelion
(Joukamachi no Dandelion )
Episode 1 review

The show hasn’t come out yet in Sub and only in RAW online. U can see why the quality sucks. Subs are mostly HD so…..
So glad I can 50% understand.

Lolol this is literally the most funniest anime on my Summer anime list! So glad I chose to watch this when I saw the preview! Lol I saw the PV right after Re-Kan! Show. It was the commercial right after XD

Wow Akane’s pantsu was mostly the subject of this episode.
Haruka, u just had to touch ur onee-chan’s butt XD
Shu, u just had and go teleport somewhere with Teru plus take Akane’s skirt XD

Lol I feel like people will do Incest ships on this show or just regular het pairs with side characters. Lol totally ok with that since Ima do both. Ship incest and het ships on here. Lol the only Yuricest im shipping is Aoi x Akane.


My Top 10 Anime Siblings

1. The Elric brothers: Fullmetal Alchemist
2. The Strauss siblings: Fairy Tail
3. The Sakurada family: Castle Town Dandelion
4. Tohya and Minori: Log Horizon
5. Lelouch and Nunnally: Code Geass
6. The Kurosaki family: Bleach
7. The Hakone brothers: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
8. Satsuki and Ryuko: Kill la Kill
9. The Kirigaya siblings: Sword Art Online
10. The Nanami siblings: Yozakura Quartet

Castle Town Dandelion

The heart-warming anime of Joukamachi no Dandelion is one of those animes you enjoy watching during your break times. I usually watch most of my animes during my lunch break from work and Castle Town Dandelion was something I enjoyed thoroughly as I enjoyed my quiet time away from seventeen kindergarteners. The Sakurada family consists of nine siblings and their two parents and their dad just happens to be the King. According to their countries laws, the King is to live a normal life, just like any other citizen- living in a regular house and having their children go to regular schools. Although the Sakurada’s live a somewhat, “normal,” life, they have something special to them that only members of the royal family has- superpowers. Yes, your basic slice of life anime has a twist! Each one has a unique power and they can only use them when they are in dire need to. The anime follows the nine siblings as they campaign for themselves so that one of them can become the next King. Also according to their laws, the King must be a part of the royal family, but they also must be elected into the King’s spot. My favorite siblings and the one I was really rooting for as I watched was the eldest brother, Sakurada Shuu. There are only three males in the whole family, so I was really rooting for all the boys being able to live in the house with the women of the family, especially with their superpowers. Even though Shuu is my favorite sibling, he doesn’t have my favorite power. The one who has the best power is probably the youngest sibling, Sakurada Shiori- she’s able to speak to living AND non-living things. Isn’t that the coolest?! But honestly, the most exciting episode is the 12th episode when we finally find out who becomes King, unexpectedly. During the 12 episodes, we get a lot of background to each character, which is amazing because there’s just so many main characters. The weird thing about this anime, in my opinion, is that the title has nothing to really do with the anime itself? Overall, it’s a good anime that can be watched when you have some downtime and don’t want to commit to a 24-episode anime.