This man is a sexual predator.
His name is Tony Young and he has sexually assaulted at least 5 young people. He is interested in mostly trans boys, and masculine-identifying people. He will gain your trust by finding topics that you both enjoy and talk to you about them. He claims to be associated with the following shadowcasts for Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Rocky Horror Picture Show: (Oregon Donors, Clinton Street Cabaret, Denton Delinquents, and the Blue Mouseketeers.) He also offers to take free private cosplay photos. Please avoid him at all costs.

People he assaults have been:
-gender-nonconforming (masc appearing)
-mentally ill
-between 13-20

He is often seen in the attire in this photo, a sparkly black fedora and suit jacket, with that same shirt on beneath it. He usually wears black dress pants and can be at times seen walking with a cane. What’s worse is that he may even be on staff.
If he attempts to talk to you please find any excuse to leave because he is dangerous and he has not been dealt with appropriately. If you see him with somebody else please alert them and try to remove them from the situation as well.

If you have any further comments please contact me (weeblyprince) or my friend @embrace-your-inner-demons

Hi friends!!  We’re having a meetup!!!!  .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙
Come find us this weekend at Sakura Con (Mar 25-27th), inside the Washington State Convention Center, on Level 2 at the International Meeting Place, (past the escalators)!  There we can take photos, sign autographs, draw together, and have some fun!!! 
Since you won’t find us stuck at an Artist Alley table this year, we thought arranging a set time and location would make it much easier for u guys to meet your two favorite bloggers/memers/artists at the con.  ;D  And here’s an added bonus!  Come find me, and you will receive a free Undertale mini print!!

Thanks for reading!  We hope to see you there!!!   ◦°˚\ (ᴖ◡ᴖ) /˚°◦ 


LILIES VOL. 1: WATER LILY is now live and available in two formats!!

1. Black and white print version (with colour cover):
Purchase on HERE

Also available this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (April 25th-27th 2016) only at Sakuracon 2016 at the Seattle convention center in the Artist Alley at AppleAtti’s Booth 301!

2. Digital PDF colour version (some pages still in grayscale):
Available for free (or name your price!) on Gumroad:

About Lilies: Lilies is an anthology of optimistic lesbian romance comics compiled by lesbian editors. The first volume, Water Lily, has an aquatic theme.

Lilies Vol. 1: Water Lily features over 200 pages of art and comics by 28 artists: AppleAtti, Breakfastbooty, Casandra Grullon, Cori.Cola, Ehmeeyu, Emily Clay, Ghost, Gumdropghost, Huli, Katie O'Neill, Kou, Kray, Linda Nordberg, M.H Nova, Muura, Octopie-ink, Pa-luis, Phoebe Ayscough, POM, Rachel Ordway, Raviolivs, Rebecca Reynolds, Rome Jay, Schnekk, Shannon Kao, Trudi Elisabeth, Xulia, Yeon Kyung (Charlotte) Cha

Follow us at for updates about Lilies Vol. 2! More information here at our FAQ and coming soon!


sakuracon 2015 sketch commissions. not the most conventional batch ever..

1. weiss, shizune, satsuki and ms fortune

2. armstrong arm wrestling gamagoori

3. lilly and satsuki stepping on toad, and enjoying it

4. emi roundhouse kicking deadpool

5. steven universe

6. a giant shygal

fun year! thanks to everyone who stopped by. hope to see you again next year.


Probably my favourite cosplay I’ve ever done. I just love my hammer so much. And my newly styled wig (Thanks @teatimewithtaylor!)!

Nora- @partychickencosplay

Photo- @anyapanda-official