ok but nobody can ever convince me that karin wasn’t gay for sakura.

like just look at this shit.

remember that time karin broke into sakuras house in the middle of the night (wearing her nicest black dress)

to PERSONALLY INVITE HER to an impromptu tournament that she is hosting, all because sakura beat her once (and also paid for all the damages, meaning she literally did this just to show off to sakura).




So a couple months ago I heard somewhere on the internet that the mangaka behind Sakura Ganbaru (and creator of Karin) did a doujin some time ago that was kind of an extra chapter/epilogue sorta dealie for the series that kinda covers the moment she decided to become a phys ed teacher. I googled around a bit and, uh, found it. Figured I’d share it.

Part 2

Cammy White’s Birthday is Today (1/6). Have Some Pointless Trivia You Probably Already Know.

Also this is a thing I do now. I guess?

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  • Although its been never officially confirmed by Capcom, many fans have speculated that the inspiration for Cammy comes from Gally/Alita, the main protagonist from manga and anime Battle Angel Altia. Much of Cammy’s mannerisms, moves, and design are similar to Gally. Again, nothing has been confirmed by Capcom, so take this with a grain of salt.
  • Cammy’s Street Fighter V appearance is inspired by original concept sketches of her from Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers.
  • In 1996, Capcom premiered X-Men Vs. Street Fighter in arcades, the first in the Capcom Vs. series. In the game it premiered Alpha Cammy AKA “Killer Bee” Cammy in the game before her first Street Fighter appearance in the update in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold.
    • She retains her XVSF in her Alpha 2 Gold appearance however her arcade story and ending is considered non-canon. Her first canon appearance is in Street Fighter Alpha 3 in 1998
    • Cammy’s Killer Bee sprite has seen the most appearances too.
  • In the SF manga, Sakura Ganbaru!, Cammy gets her name from Sakura who finds a then amnesiac Cammy and names her after a cat by the same name she found.
    • These events are considered canon and in Street Fighter IV, both characters share dialogue acknowledging this in arcade mode.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken, Cammy’s Cross Art is a reference to the opening scene of the Street Fighter II:The Movie where she assassinates someone by snapping their neck.

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  • Capcom also references this opening bit as well with the intro toAlpha Cammy’s, where Cammy comes out hooded similar to how she was introduced in the movie.
  • Cammy is one the few Street Fighter characters have a star in her own non-Fighting Game, Cannon Spike, named after her attack with the same name. This 2001 run and gun shooter was made by Psikyo and stars various other Capcom characters with character designs by Kinu Nishimura.
    • Cammy’s default design in the game is also inspired by her concept sketches from Super Street Fighter II. Her second outfit, Alpha/Killer Bee, is also an unlock able outfit in the game.
  • Cammy also made a cameo as a boss character in Final Fight Streetwise.
  • Probably one of the weirdest appearances by Cammy in the Street Fighter universe was in the American Street Fighter II cartoon where she was Guile’s love interest (?) before revealing she was a spy for M.Bison as well as his love interest (?!) resulting in one of the more infamous scenes of series.

  • Cammy’s final appearance in the American SF II cartoon came in the series finale where after being told she had been brain washed by Bison she made another very infamous scene from the series…

Happy Birthday Cammy. Maybe someday you’ll get to wear pants (at least wear them in a game that is good).

September 15, 1974 - Karin Kanzuki is Born

Karin Kanzuki was born on September 15, 1974 to Daigenjuro and Nadeshiko Kanzuki. Daigenjuro Kanzuki was a strict father, constantly pushing his daughter to be the best that she could be, and a suitable heir to the Kanzuki fortune, which included a 200 square mile estate large enough to have its own climate. 

The Kanzuki family’s mottoes were “All you need is victory” and “The worst we’ll ever be is the best.” Karin Kanzuki adhered to those mantras more strictly than most in her family. She referred to those she considered below her as “commoners” or “inferiors.” As she got older, she eventually took majority control of her own father’s company in a hostile takeover, ironically following a philosophy that he had driven into her.

Kanzuki developed her own style of martial art, named Kanzuki-ryu Kakutojutsu. Borrowing from Bushido, military arts, and combat sports, Kanzuki’s style featured a wide, potent array of strikes, throws, and reversals. She would keep her opponents guessing by varying the speed of her attacks, and make them question their own attack choices with her powerful counters. She became the rival of Sakura Kasugano.

(Sakura Ganbaru!/Street Fighter, 1996-present)