sakura wars


“Why is Sakura suddenly here?“

Nauto Chapter 67-ish I forgot. anyways I did this way back in 2014-2015? I also forgot because it’s been so long sooo… here you go! :>  some of you are wondering why this photoset was gone.
it’s because  my tumblr got deleted accidentally.though I hope it gets the same attention as before lol

one of their eyes smut

anyways do not repost. Thanks!


So many awesome cosplays at Sakura Con this year. You all are amazing! Here’s just a few from the very many photos I took. It was super fun being at the con with everyone. Looking forward to next year! 

Sakura Con cosplay photos post ½

Sock & Jonathan are @peculiartrash & @ourlordapollo,  Shion & Nezumi are @xflagsoftheworldx & friend, Garnet is @squaremom-conblog

Please comment if any of these is you and I’ll go in and tag/caption the photo ^_^

Why do you ship it?
  • SNS: their bond is so unique and deeper than any other, soulmates, sun and moon, naruto was ready to give up his life long dream and die with Sasuke, Sasuke could never be truly alone with naruto alive etc
  • NS: their dynamics are incredible, there's mutual understanding and supporting, naruto always cared for her and Sakura came to place him above all, she grew because of him, to support him etc
  • NH, SS: dude it's canon