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Song: Love like you

If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love

When I see the way you act
Wondering when I’m coming back
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love
Like you

I always thought I might be bad
Now I’m sure that it’s true
‘Cause I think you’re so good
And I’m nothing like you

Look at you go
I just adore you
I wish that I knew
What makes you think I’m so special

If I could begin to do
Something that does right by you
I would do about anything
I would even learn how to love

When I see the way you look
Shaken by how long it took
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love like you

Love me like you


I’m that kid who grew up watching Magical Girl shows!!!! My first magical girl show (and anime) was Futari wa Pretty Cure (2004)! I used to watch it with my elder Sister and my mum got us the gadgets and cosplay to wear (and she wrote on her blog at that time of how expensive those toys were imsosorrymumwedidnthavemoneythentoo) till this day I still watch Magical Girl shows! Ofc currently my Favourite is Sailor Moon (weird thing it’s the oldest series on my list haha)

Other magical shows I watched too was PPGZ, Winx Club, Magical Girl Raising Project and does Steven universe count XD??

Let’s see wether I’ll continue watching magical girl shows when I reach 20!!!

Magical Girls Bookmarks by Kya

From Sailor V to Steven Universe uhuhu


I’ve been asked a couple times, so here we are. Everything on here will be updated weekly, and this includes all of my stories on this blog. From one shots to multi-chapters, here’s all my work.

Multiple Chapters

Glass Heart (M)*
Initials (K)*
Lost in Time (M)*
Phases of the Moon (T)*
Springtime of Life (T)*
Uproot (T)


After Hours (M)
Anniversary (K)
A Beautiful Reunion (K)
Bundling Up (K)
Care to Explain? (T)
Cats and Boys (K)
Caught in a Thunderstorm (T)
Cherry Tomato (K)
Christmas Shopping (K)
Climax (M)
Colorless (K)
Conflicting Holiday Spirits (T)
Confrontations (K)
Congratulations (T)
Cooking Together (K)
Dancing (K)
Date (T)
Decorating the Tree (K)
Destined (T)
Don’t Be Stupid (K)
Drunk on You (T)
Family Reunion (K)
Fibber (K)
Fireworks (M)
First Snow (K)
First Time (K)
Future Medic (K)

Give Up (K)
Grief (T)
Gullible (K)
Hair (K)
Happy to Help (T)
Her Hero (T)
Holding Hands (K)
Hot Chocolate (K)
Ink Flowers (T)
I’ll See You Again (K)
Indra (K) - indrasasusaku
Insecure (K)
Internet Relationship (T)
Interrupted (T)
Jealousy (K)
Kakashi-Sensei (K)
Kitten (K)
Lazy (T)
Leaving (T)
Love at First Sight (K)
Love Sucks (K)
Meeting the Parents (K)
Mistletoe Kisses (K)
Movie Night (M)
Naruto’s Words (K) - light ss
Parting Ways (T)
Party/Celebration (T)
Released (K)
Papasuke & Uncle Naruto (T)
Pizza (T)
Pregnant (K)
Prom (T)
Sakura-Sensei (K)
Sarada’s Dream (K)
Sasuke’s Feelings (K)
Say It (K)
Shower (M)
Sibling Rivalry (K)
Snowball Fight (K)
Spooning (K)
Storms (K)
Sugar Baby Sakura (M)
Sugar Baby Sakura pt. ii (M)
Sugar Baby Sakura pt. iii (M)
Surprise (K)
Thank You (K)
Too Beautiful for Earth (T)
True Feelings (M)
Twins (K)
Ugly Sweaters (K)
Uneven Edges (T)
Welcome Home (M)
While You Were Gone (K)
Wrapping Presents (K)
You’re a Baby (M)

updated 05.26.17 - bolded words are new fics

*  work in progress


WJSN version of anime magical girl transformations

1. Dawon: Sailor Moon   2. Meiqi: Fushigiboshi No Futagohime  ♡  3Yeoreum: Wedding Peach  ♡  4. Cheng Xiao: Nurse Angel Ririka SOS   5. Yeonjung & Dayoung: Shugo Chara  ♡  6. Dayoung:  Kaitou Saint Tail  ♡  7. Luda: Tokyo Mew Mew  ♡  8. Exy: Futari Wa Pretty Cure ♡ 9. Soobin: Cardcaptor Sakura  ♡  10. Xuanyi: Sugar Sugar Rune  ♡  11. Eunseo: Idol Time PriPara  ♡  12. Bona: Lilpri  ♡  13. Seola: Ojamajo Doremi


So when I was in Japan I found this really cool mahou shoujo cd called “Make up!!” by E-type that features remixed Openings and Endings from:

Sailor Moon (Only one with 2 songs remixed!)

Cardcaptor Sakura 

Tokyo Mew Mew

Magic Knight Rayearth

Magical Doremi

Mermaid Melody

Red Riding Hood Chacha

Saint Tail

Wedding Peach

Sugar Sugar Rune

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Creamy Mami

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS

Fushigi Yuugi 

And you should totally buy it cos I think it’s amazing. I’m into heavy/death metal and I dance the shit out of this so that says something.

naruto likes to visit sasuke and sakura whenever he gets the chance, telling kakashi he’s on a leave from his hokage training (“you can’t do that, naruto. we have a budget meeting next tuesday? which you set?”) and telling his wife he’ll be back soon (“ah, right, sasuke and sakura. again.”). sakura will let him know when they’re somewhere he might want to come see them and within the day, naruto is on his way to their location.

they go out for dinner and have a few drinks and when they’re all ready to settle in for the night, sakura signals their waiter for the bill. she pulls out her wallet when they get it and although naruto makes a grab for it, she smiles at him and tells him this is on her.

on her.

when sakura walks up to the counter to pay, naruto turns to sasuke and finds him casually finishing off the rest of his drink. which sakura paid for. which he didn’t even try to pay for.

now, many dates with ino taught naruto that while he didn’t need to necessarily pay for the full bill, he was at least supposed to offer. 

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A piece of fanart for @milkcandie‘s awesome fic Sugar Stardust!!!You should definitely go read it, it’s so fLUFFEH!! >W<