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Ugh can you stop whining already? The resposters you're demonizing are HELPING YOU by giving you EXPOSURE so you can be popular like all the other popular artists like there (edendaphne, taylordraws, qookyquice, sakura-rose12, ferisea, ceeljes, etcetara). Posts on instagram with their art helped them become popular and the "evil" reposters are only trying to help you to. Just let them repost soon you'll get 1000 followers. So stop being whiny and just let them help your unpopular ungrateful ass!

Hello, anon! Normally, I would ignore rude anons and immediately delete them, but I feel this type of ask is relevant to raising awareness of the problem we have with reposters, art thieves, and the like. So here we go!

It’s true, I may not be as popular as any of the tumblrs you have mentioned (btw, you misspelled a few :c), but that doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to the rights of, I emphasize, MY OWN WORK. Also, I’m not sure where I was whining anywhere, can you give a source? And what am I supposed to be grateful for exactly? ┐(‘~`;)┌

But yeah, even if I had only 3 followers and half a sandwich, a thing I made and posted is still something I explicitly own. It came from me. All I did was share it via tumblr. If I didn’t share it, guess what? I still made it. The only difference when I shared it was so people can see it too. But I still made it. The reposter didn’t, the art thief didn’t—it was me. Henceforth, it is mine to control how it’s shared and used. You are not entitled to up and use my work without permission, no matter how you justify it.

That goes for all the ‘unpopular’ artists out there too. You created a thing out of nothing. It is yours and no one else’s. If anyone tries to put you down to get you to allow them to repost your stuff or give them ‘free commissions’ for so-called “EXPOSURE”, politely decline them (or flip them off, it really depends on you 👀).

You have something they don’t—your skill. Don’t let them take that from you because they made you feel bad that they make 1000+ notes/likes per (re)post they “made” compared to your sketch getting 9 notes and a supporting comment from grandma. At least you have a skill to make a thing, a skill you can only get better at over time, as opposed to a reposter’s skill of Googling and right-click Save/pressing Print Screen. Because any old schmuck can do that. I can do that. My grandpa can do that. My 4-year old nephew can do that.

We all start from nothing, so have pride in what you can do by yourself! Don’t give up and work hard and I guarantee you, people will definitely notice your effort, be it sooner or later. c: (I was gonna cite Van Gogh as an example of ‘later’ but uhh he got popular after he died so that might be a bad example i’ll shut up about that now im sorry)

But I digress! Back to anon. Your claim is because I’m not a popular artist, I can get recognition via reposters, so I should be grateful. To be frank, I think that claim is all sorts of dumb. It doesn’t explain why reposters then STILL repost work by artists who are clearly more popular than their repost account/s. They certainly don’t need any exposure. The math just doesn’t add up, anon. :c

I do apologize if trying to put me down like this didn’t work out. I am confident in my own (albeit not-that-good-yet) ability and I truly believe that if I do work hard enough, I can make it out there. And even if I never do, at the very least I didn’t enable attitudes such as yours to permeate and be justified. I’ve made friends who appreciate what I do, and at the end of the day, it’s more than enough for me. Even if I don’t make it big, I know they’ll be right here supporting me anyway. My question is, who do you have, anon?

I hope sending out this ask helped you dislike yourself a little less. c: Sorry for the long post!

If anyone needs more information about the reposting/art theft problem and the protest, check out @miraculousblackout! They have all sorts of posts and links to help educate you! If anything else is still unclear, just send an ask. We are here to guide you. Just remember, be respectful! Have a good day! ヾ(☆'∀'☆)

Reposters on Instagram

I was having some free time so I went on a reposters hunt. Here are the accounts and people who they reposted from:

The artists:

@leecheedoodles @baraschino   @sweet-childhood-dreams @edendaphne @yaushie
@qookyquiche @taylordraws @sakura-rose12 @hchano @thewonderfulwizardofass @ceejles @ferisae @dreamwips @thebirdfromthemoon-art @luciasatalina @kylukia @nancysauria @zoe-oneesama @re-unknown @smiling-grouch @tresity @frostedpuffs @spatzline @gicabyte @toriitorii @lunian @zippi44 @huffiestrikes @megs-ils @polarsculpt @xallyxcatxs @angiensca @findoworld @australet789 @whaticalldoodling @salty-french-fry @twindoodle

(Here  are just the one I recognized but there are MANY much more so if you find any I didn’t tag please tell me.)

And the reposters:

● marinette24.06
●marinette_chatnoir_ (they have a LOT of art reposted from the artists I’ve tagged and from other artists I couldn’t recognize )
●miraculous _teorias
●x_miraculous _fandom_x
●miraculous _page

As a disclaimer I  DON'T  you to go and insult those reposters because nobody deserves that.

Also, thanks to @marinette-buginette for helping me find some of these reposters

17.) A Shy Kiss (and thank you, anon!)

All was quiet that night. Ladybug and Cat Noir were sitting together on top of a building, overlooking the glow of Paris in the evening. Lights shimmered in the distance, including the lights adorning the Eiffel Tower. The two heroes were silent for a while, until the black cat cleared his throat.

“It’s, uh…” he started. “It’s a beautiful night out, tonight.”

Ladybug shook her head in agreement. “Yes, it is. Paris is always the most entrancing against the evening sky.” She looked down at her swaying feet, refusing to look at Cat.

It was a pretty stressful day for them. An akuma was running wild today after school had let out. They had defeated it, but the fight took a lot out of them. Both were unaware that their transformation was about to wear off. Luckily, they were out of the public eye when they reverted back to normal, but they were unable to hide from each other. Both of them learned who the real person was behind the mask. Marinette almost fainted, but Adrien was ecstatic to know that the girl of his dreams was one of his own classmates. Marinette tried to run away, but Adrien caught her wrist before she could escape. He asked her to meet him later that night so they could talk about a few things. Although hesitant, Marinette agreed and took off without another word. To Adrien’s relief, Ladybug did show up tonight. He was afraid she wouldn’t because how she responded earlier.

He sighed and looked away from the city skyline to look at her.

“You know,” he said sheepishly, “I’m actually glad it turned out this way.”

Ladybug picked her head up, still looking towards the lights on the horizon. “What do you mean?”

“I mean…I’m glad it’s you,” he repsonded.

Ladybug shook her head and finally looked at Cat. “What do you mean you’re glad?” she almost whispered. “I always thought you would be…disappointed. I’m nothing special.”

Cat moved closer to his partner, looking straight into her eyes. “Why would you even think that?” he questioned. “You’re extraordinary! You’re a hero, you save thousands of people daily, you…”

He was cut off when Ladybug put her hand over his mouth. “That’s Ladybug. She’s the hero of Paris. Marinette was terrified just trying to talk to you, Adrien.” She took her hand off his mouth and put both hands in her lap. She sighed and looked down again.

She didn’t see it, but Cat was blushing. He never knew Marinette liked him. Was he that dumb? Cat took his hand and placed on Ladybug’s chin, moving her head so she was looking at him again.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I feel so stupid. I must have been really blind not to see the girl I was longing for was sitting right behind me.”

Ladybug couldn’t help but blush. She smiled at Cat as tears started welling up in her eyes. Cat took his thumb and wiped the tears away before any could fall.

They stayed quiet for what like an eternity, but without thinking, they started to lean towards each other. They both started to blush, closing their eyes, until finally, their lips met. They kissed for only a moment before the pulled away, their faces still red.

Cat smiled nervously as Ladybug buried her face in her hands.

“I can’t believe I just did that!” she said quietly. 

Cat chuckled, making Ladybug look at him. “If it’s any consolation, my lady,” he cooed, “you are an exceptional kisser.”

If her face wasn’t red before, it sure was now. She laughed lightly, playfully shoving Cat away from her. “You weren’t half bad yourself, kitty,” she teased. She leaned her head on Cat’s shoulder and closed her eyes, blissfully unaware of the world around her. “I’m glad it turned out this way, too.”

Special thanks to sakura-rose12 for letting me use her comic as inspiation for this prompt.

Chat Noir comic dub
sakura-rose12, kuyalawva

Comic by: @sakura-rose12

Check this person out!! :D ^^



all-around player | Book of Circus OST


I decided to give Chat Noir a French accent. If I were to voice Adrian I would give him my normal voice. 

For the sake of the setting, I used the accent. :3

(Also a present for - @myyanderehusband , @melodious-shenanigans)


@sakura-rose12 it is finally out! thanks for letting me dub this and also for drawing it, i would love to see more Chat Blanc in the future >u<


This is such an amazing comic! Imagine how intense the fight would be!

I’m doing my best to get dubs done so bare with me!

Originally posted by electromaste-r

Art by @sakura-rose12
Original Post:

Please go follow her blog for more amazing art!

Gabriel Agreste: @therealphantoms

Adrien Agreste: philsterman10

"Chat Noir demo"
sakura-rose12, kuyalawva
"Chat Noir demo"

So! By requests and other people saying I should do more of my Chat Noir. Here ya go! 

French accent still intact. ;3

I did a couple of random lines from the show. (The subs)

And I also did another small dub for @sakura-rose12 here and there and did some “Nya~” sounds too. 

Cause Imma cat. :P

(Tried to do purring noises, but they didn’t come out right. Maybe some other time, rolling your “R’s” are a lot more troublesome than anticipated. :/ )



felis | Book of Circus OST

FIC: The Tale of Chat Blanc

Chat Noir is a protector of Paris; one half of a super duo with Ladybug, he helps save innocent Parisians from Hawk Moth’s twisted akuma. Even with all his bad luck, his black-and-red Lady Luck would make sure everything would go according to plan, and she could count on him to help when he can.

So what if he can’t?

Companion fic to @sakura-rose12’s Chat Blanc comic.

(Also read on AO3)

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Based off of @sakura-rose12‘s post [ xxx ]

        "I like someone, Chat Noir.
        The words pierced the blond’s heart, shattering the tiny, fragile organ into a million metaphorical pieces. He expected the girl to not have feelings towards him, sure, but he didn’t think that there would have been another. Why wouldn’t there be another? Ladybug was amazing and was no doubt even more amazing in her real life.

        As much as the blond didn’t want to admit it, it hurt a lot. All he wanted to do was sit down and cry his heart out, not worrying about who saw him.

        But he didn’t. Not yet.

        He gave his usual toothy grin, you could barely tell that it was forced.
        ”I’ll do anything I can to help you, My Lady.

        The black haired girl nodded and gave the half cat teen a sympathetic smile, as if she could feel his hurt and yearning. But she didn’t. She couldn’t have felt the pain and betrayal that he felt. If she knew, she wouldn’t have said it so bluntly.
        "Chat, I-”

        But the blond didn’t allow her to finish. “No, no- Do not worry about me,” he said, reading the latter’s thoughts. He gave her a bow, signifying that he promised that his words were genuine. "I’ll be fine but…" The cat’s smile dropped a bit, turning the usual grin into a half smile that held sorrow. It honestly took all he had to not break down and cry right at the moment.

        Almost, but he stayed strong.

- - -

        Hopping from roof top to roof top, the blond hero finally made it home to his room. He felt empty and like a shell. When he was walking, he had to hold onto the wall for support, as his legs did not allow him to be strong anymore. Finally, Chat gave up, pressing his body to the wall. Gravity allowed for him to slide down the beige wall. The male’s electric green eyes stared ahead, blankly, only looking down to his shaking hands when he felt something wet drop down on them. 

        It was time. The barriers finally broke.

        The emotional stress caused Chat to detransform into Adrien Agreste, making him sob uncontrollably to the rhythm of the rain, pounding against his window. He wanted to stop crying. The blond knew that it was childish to cry for something he couldn’t prevent, but it just hurt too much. Between the sobs and coughs, he had to gasp for breath, as if he was frantically trying to reach out for something; like the result of him gaining what he wanted depended on the harshness of his breath. His left hand found his hair, gripping and slightly tugging at the golden locks as the right gripped to his left knee. 

          Plagg looked at the fifteen year old in pity, having to witness the whole transaction. The black kwami was hungry and tired from the day’s work, not to mention he felt the latter’s emotions, but he allowed Adrien to have his time because love is a dangerous place to tread in, especially if you don’t know what’s going on. The tears didn’t feel like they were letting up, so his mind started to wander, thinking back to the ending of their conversation.

- - -

        “I’ll be fine but…” He turned his head away from the black haired heroine.

        "Please. Give me this moment.

        The girl was shocked by the request, but made no move to respond verbally. His tail hung low and his ear were no longer perked up as his back was turned on her. 

        ”I’ll be there to support you in the morning, My Lady,“
        he promised, flinching when he heard the other move towards him. The blond then quickly extended his baton and ‘flew’ away, running and hopping off roof tops for the rest of the way.

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hey!! I really love ur blog a lot !!! is there any way you could maybe make a master post of fan made ladybug comics??? I'd really really love that, or even just linking me to a few really good ones would be awesome. thanks so much!!!

I think a masterpost would be too much, and anyway you can find all the fancomics I know of & like in my comic tag (as you can see, WAY too many to put in one post). A lot of great ones come from @edorazzi@caprette or @sakura-rose12, go follow them if you love hilarious ML comics. Going back through my tag, here are my personal must-see highlights: 

bonus: my own comics, one and two

edit: I was originally going to add this reveal comic but I couldn’t find it and after digging through about 30 pages of my tag I gave up. I can’t forget it, though: “Oh là là! Je t’aime, Ladybug! Je t’aime!”

Title: Little Kitten

Part: 1, 2

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

OTP: Ladynoir/Chatmari

Rating: K

Word Count: 1,003

Summary: After a recent attack with a new akuma, Chat uses himself as a human shield to protect Ladybug once again, and the consequences are a little more confusing and complicated than usual.

A/N: I saw a picture of Ladybug holding a toddler Chat and then I got a mighty need for more of it… I have no shame… EDIT: I told @sakura-rose12 about writing this and they asked to see it so I’m mentioning them here. I hope you like it. You’re art was really good!!!


“Chat,” Ladybug screamed once she saw her partner get hit the akuma’s attack. He was usually reckless with using his own body to protect his crush, but this time was different. Once the smoked cleared, Ladybug expected to see Chat hurt or frozen above her, but he seemed to have disappeared from her sight entirely. A small little whimper made her eyes drift down and before her was a tiny little toddler with black cat ears and shaggy blonde hair sitting in front of her, tears threatening to fall out the corner of his eyes. “Chat,” Lady repeated, a little confused now.

The little kitten reached out for Ladybug. “Lady,” he whimpered quietly.

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