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Naruto Characters! What is your favourite anime?

Requested by anon!

Let’s pretend that in the Naruto universe, other anime exists! I hope that you all know most of these!

So, Naruto characters, what is your favourite anime, and why?

1. Naruto: Naruto

Naruto: “Come on, it’s an anime ABOUT ME! Of course I’m gonna like it!”

Sakura: “That’s kinda self centered”


2. Hidan: Bleach

Hidan: “It’s a show about death gods!! DEATH GODS! THAT LOVE TO FIGHT!”

Kakuzu: “You need help, Hidan.”


3. Shikamaru: Yowamushi Pedal

Shikamaru: “I dunno. It’s pretty chilled. Plus that Makishima guy and I seem to have something in common, I guess.”

Chouji: “He sounds a lot like you.”

Shikamaru: “That’s probably it.”

4. Obito: Pokemon

Obito: “It’s like tailed beast hunting, but easier!”

Pein: “I too seem to find this show entertaining.”

Obito: “I really like the look of that Ninetails as well.”

5. Jiraiya: High School of the Dead

Jiraiya: “Because of all the fan service, of course!”

Kakashi: “You DO know it’s about zombies, right?”

Jiraiya: “Oh, yeah, Zombies are cool too I suppose.”

6. Deidara: Honey and Clover

Deidara: “It’s about art, un! And there’s clay art too!”

Sasori: “……”

Deidara: “What?”

7. Kisame: One Piece

Kisame: “It’s the only anime I could find that had a character I could relate to”

Itachi: “Because he looks like a shark?”

Kisame: “Exactly.”

8. Kakashi: Spice and Wolf

Kakashi: “The romance in it is fleeting, but so satisfying once it happens. Plus the wolf girl is super cute.”

Jiraiya: “Honestly Kakashi, I’m surprised.”

Kakashi: “Sorry that I’m not into fanservice zombie anime.”

9. Sakura: Madoka Magica

Sakura: “Because all of the leads are female! Plus the main lead has pink hair; always a good thing!”

Naruto: “She’s even cuter than you, Sakura!”

Sakura: “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!”

10. Hinata: Attack on Titan

Hinata: “Mikasa is my favourite!”

Kiba: “….honestly not something I was expecting.”

Hinata: “If you can like Fruits Basket then I can like this!!”

  • Sakura: Why do you always have to drive?!
  • Sakura: Because you're the guy?
  • Sakura: Because you're the big macho man?
  • Nozaki: No.
  • Nozaki: I was just never sure your little feet could reach the pedals.
  • Sakura: [Just stares at him]