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“Underneath the palm trees
You could leave your worries
Listen to the waves
Say you wanna get so high?
Breath me in like air tonight
Listen to the waves I could be your fantasy”

Fantasy - Alina Baraz

The Barn

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Sakura honestly hadn’t expected to find herself in the situation she was in, bundled up on the edge of Providence, Road Island with the attorney to her Great Aunt’s will. There were eighteen other family members, all closer in relation to the deceased, that the property should have gone to. The old woman had died little over a year ago and still the house was in a trust, unclaimed by anyone.

“Why I am here?” Sakura asked again, already knowing the answer Kakuzu would share with her.

“It’s your turn to try and see if you will be the one inheriting these lands. The will stipulates six months residency in the property to complete the transfer of ownership. So far, none of the other relations have managed to last longer than a month.”

“Why?” Sakura turned to face the impossibly tall and imposing figure who was supposedly as old as her great aunt.

Kakuzu looked down at her over the edge of his scarf. His eyes were obscured by the shades but that didn’t help the shiver she felt in her bones. She knew his eyes were on her and she refused to flinch or back down. He intimidated too many people, Sakura would not be one of them.

“If you would like to know the details of each member’s choice to disqualify themselves then you may ask them directly. I am not at liberty to discuss such confidential matters so carelessly.”

“I don’t think you discuss much of anything carelessly, old man,” Sakura scoffed, glaring at the shoulders of the long tan coat he wore over his three piece suit.

Kakuzu didn’t turn back around to face her and didn’t make any indication he had heard her comment, but Sakura felt it in her bones again, the sensation of something unseen, and knew he was laughing at the idea of her.

She cursed at him again in her mind, just because she didn’t like him. She cursed at the cold too, just because she didn’t like the way her ears stung with each breeze. Today might have been the wrong day to tie up her hair in a messy bun.

“Are you coming?” He barked over his shoulder.

Sakura grunted and hiked her own shoulders before following him up the long driveway, bracing against the wind.The smell of salt was in every breeze, even if the river filtering into the sea was several miles away.

Kakuzu stopped at the door and Sakura paused a moment to watch him work on the realtor’s lock box for the key.

The housed was less house and more barn with a brick exterior and large green doors that might have once split open for cows and tractors, not houseguests. Off to the side there was a smaller green door used for main entry that Kakuzu finally opened and swept wide for her.

“It’s a one bedroom one bath studio, but the square feet is what makes it impressive,” Kakuzu begins.

Sakura ducks past him into the house and sees what he means about it being one room. From wall to wall there is the kitchen, living room, and bedroom all without walls or divisors. Towards the back there is a ladder that leads up into a loft area that had been used as storage. Sakura could see several seafaring trunks and crates stacked up and set aside.

Kakuzu led her on a short tour that seemed unnecessary considering the open lay out of the house. Sakura could see everything and guessed why some of the stuffier family members chose to pass the house over if the stipulation was that they had to live out of it for six months. It wasn’t the most luxurious of places, but for someone like Sakura, it was perfect and really suited her well.

“Total property value is about 320,000. Or at least that is what it was estimated at last fall. You might be able to attract the right sort of buyer with more targeted advertising. Regardless, this may be yours per meeting the requirements of the will. See it here.”

Kakuzu led her to a box on the wall next to the door that was small enough for a simple keypad. From his front pocket he produced a card with her name and a number on it.

“This is your code. Type it in every day for six months to validate the contract. Special circumstances such as vacations and overnight trips must be prior approved so that the code may be manually entered off site by the executioner of the will, which is myself.”

“It seems like a lot of bother, but okay,” Sakura hummed.

She reached for the card and Kakuzu relinquished it gladly. Turning it over she saw her name in gold ink as well as her birthdate month and day. The four digit number would be her code.

“Any last words of advice?” She asked, looking up.

Kakuzu was already packing up his briefcase after leaving some documents for her on the kitchen table. “My number is listed on all these documents for when you want to bow out. Good day to you then, Ms. Sakura Haruno.”

He left without a word further.

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just some domestic ss fluff

they need milk, she tells him when she joins him under the covers. she ignores him when he says that she should go get some then. she had just come home from her shift at the hospital before shimmying out of her pants and doing that thing where she somehow unstraps her bra from under top and yanks it out from the bottom and then flings it across the room. sakura lifts his arm so she can curl up under it and then she presses against his side.

“you’re so soft and comfortable,” she moans into his shirt.

“i’m not soft,” he scoffs, thoroughly offended. “my biceps have biceps. i have abs of steel. i am rock solid.”

sakura snorts. “your abs are okay.”

your abs are okay.”

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hi everyone! can you guys believe it’s been 3 whole years since i started this blog? 3 years and 2 weeks now, actually - i meant to do something for my blog’s birthday but there were some issues and stuff, so it had to wait until now ✿ and well, i really wanted to do a follow forever because i haven’t done one in a (long) while ★

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Hmm, how to start this? So a few months ago I decided to delete all of my older blogs and make a personal chaotic new one that I enjoyed. The meaning was that I would try to meet more people and be more social and also enjoy what I post. Turns out, these past few months have been amazing. I follow some amazing blogs with amazing content and i’m lucky to also be mutuals with some of you who are so kind and sweet, honestly, my new year couldn’t be any better now because of you guys, so I wanted to thank you all for following me, talking to me and being kind to others. You guys deserve so much happiness & love!

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@p-roro remember we both started our kpop blog, you made your edits and I was changing my username 24/7? you were so kind to me and i really liked talking to you. we still do actually, but we’re both busier yet we still check up on eachother. you really helped me trough some tough times, sometimes i didn’t know who to talk to because i had no one, but i could always send you a message and you would always try your best to cheer me up. i still think of you, hoping all is well because i honestly hope you’ll end up having an amazing life because you deserve the best of the best. i love you amy!! have a wonderful 2018, i hope all your dreams come true!!

@tooturnttaetae honestly you are such an amazing person i’m so glad i met you, we both love joy and taehyung, we both adore men but hate them and we never really know what to do with ourselves but we manage!! i adore you, you’re absoluty amazing and kind and wonderful and i hope you know that. i’honestly can’t wait to start chatting with you again when 2018 is here joy will always have her two fangirls rooting for her!! 2018 joy here we come!

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@blakkoffee first off, you thought of my url which i’m forever thankful for, because i litterly use it for everything because it’s so darn adorable, i also adore you for being such an unique kind of person! i have interest that i can’t discuss with some and i can with you and that’s such a nice thing, i love your stories and it’s so much fun discussing things with and you don’t care at all that i write long walls of text because you do the same thing! i know things haven’t been easy for you and i really do hope 2018 will be a bit nicer to you, you really deserve some luck in your life, always know i’m here for you, even if it’s just online. have an amazing 2018 sweetie, you deserve it!! 

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@1velvetae we litterly just started interacting like two days ago but you’re so freaking adorable and sweet i just had to include you!! i hope 2018 will be really nice for you because you seem like a really nice person so you deserve nice things!! have an amazing year sweetie!!

title Devoted
summary It’s the unspoken promises that matter most.
pairing itasaku, tobisaku, hot messes

Part i | Part ii | Part iii | Part iv | Part v | Part vi | Part vii | Part viii | Part ix | Part x | Part xi | Part xii | Part xiii | Part xiv | Part xv | Part xvi | Part xvii | Part xviii | Part xix | Part xx | Part xxi | Part xxii | Part xxiii | Part xxiv | Part xxv | Part xxvi | Part xxvii | Part xxviii | Part xxix | Part xxx | Part xxxi | Part xxxii (here) |

“I’m going to get breakfast.”

Sakura only stirred when she felt a kiss press to the back of her neck. And then her shoulder blade. The bed shifted. She listened to Itachi’s belt buckle clink. The shift of fabric as he dressed. She cracked open one eye. Her phone sat on the nightstand where she had left it. 

“I’ll be back soon,” Itachi said. 

When Itachi returned, she was sitting on the bed. Gold Desert Eagle aimed at him as soon as he walked into the studio apartment. When she saw that it was just him, she lowered the firearm. Tossed it back on the mattress. She had thrown on a robe hanging in the wardrobe. The light purple fabric was dotted with flowers at the ends of the sleeves. 

“Good morning to you too,” he greeted her, wholly unperturbed. He set the bag down on the counter as he added, “I’m not wearing kevlar at the moment. So it would ruin my day if you shot me.” Sakura huffed, trying not to laugh. Running her hand through her hair, she slipped into the bathroom. She washed her face and brushed her teeth. And when she emerged, he was leaning against the counter, reading the back label on a carton of milk tea.

“I’m afraid it’s convenience store food,” Itachi said as he unpacked the bag. 

“Reminds me of my twenties,” Sakura remarked. She pulled herself up on the counter. He unwrapped and dropped one of the onigiri into her waiting hand. Salty cod roe filling in the middle. 

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