sakura kyouko cosplay

Yup, this is the next one.

Kyouko Sakura - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

This was basically my first good cosplay, and I looooove it.



Japan expo 2016 day 1 pt 2 : Nozomi and Honoka’s magical girl hunt ! We found some sailor senshis and some puella magis ! (i cant believe i found my favorite characters in both series im cryign)

Fun fact : the usagi on the last pic, the one from the official sailor moon corner, carried my cousin in her arms and made her spin. My cousin loved her so much that when we had to leave, she refused to go unless we said bye to this Usagi.

  • Nozomi tojo (love live) : Nocti (that’s meeee)
  • Honoka kousaka (love live too) : my cousin
  • casual kyoko : Haruki (no social media)
  • the other cosplayers’ identities are still unknown

if you recognize yourselves please come to my inbox, i’ll add you to the list !