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Lake Kawaguchi - Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival by Jaylie Wong
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河口湖 ・富士芝桜まつり

Super Puzzle Fighter II X / Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom, Backbone Entertainment (360/PS3)
Platform: Arcade, Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance, PC, Blackberry, iOS
Year: 1996 (JP/NA Arcade, PS1), 1997 (EU Arcade, Saturn), 1998 (PC), 2001 (DC), 2003 (GBA), 2007 (PSP, PS3, 360), 2010 (iOS, Blackberry)

Icymasamune’s work has been an inspiration to me since the early days of the internet, when I would visit his website Poisonwind Ink (now gone) and read Shadowlark Symphony.  I find his character designs and world-building super interesting, and his comedy writing is great as well (I still have several of the Icy-ko Dojo skits saved!).  Here are some of the older characters I remember from back in the day.


Have you seen this? Well at this time I guess it’s not necessary to do this anymore. We clearly know she’s Sakura’s daughter, no matter what people (those who needs a mental hospital) (sakura can help you xD) tells that she looks like that ginger girl. BESIDES, to do it more trustful, in the second picture, the two white squares, Says: Sasuke to Sakura no ko, which means: Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter.

This is so cool, I love how the spoilers shit on haters theories

Prince of Stride: Suwa Reiji (Epilogue)

[This takes place after the EOS tournament with Honan and Saisei having a joint practice session together. 

t/n: Pirika: cafe/shop Nana stays at with Koichi

Mochi: Japanese rice cake

Dosanko-chan: Nickname for Hokkaido native

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Other worlds were so much fun. Not that Sayaka belonged there anymore. But…maybe that was why she did it. Besides…she couldn’t help but grow curious about the particular variants in each one. For instance…Kyouko Sakura.

“Kyou-ko~” Sayaka chimed out, having walked up behind the redhead. She looked normal, save the black and blue casual clothing she wore compared to a Sayaka’s usual more chipper garb.