sakura kitkat


Here is the Sakura and roasted soybean Kit-kat from my June Tokyo Treat box.
This has some of the prettiest packaging of ANY Kit-Kat I’ve seen and I love it ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
But this time it’s not just the packaging I love. The pale cream Kit-Kat inside is delightful!! The Sakura flavour is so subtle that while you can taste it, it wouldn’t be offputting to those who don’t like florals. The roasted soybean is able to shine and has a nice nutty taste that really meshes well with the creamy white chocolate and sakura. I actually think I might try and get my hands on more as a birthday present to myself (°▽°)
Would you try this? Are there any kit-Kats you would like to try? Let me know!


KitKat Sakura matcha by Helen Silivren
Via Flickr:
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