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august 21, 2017 - stationery haul

i recently picked up some new stationery from daiso and the art supply store near my school for the new school year! here’s what i got + swatches:


  • oh! pineapple washi tape (set of 2)
  • lovely flamingo washi tape (set of 2)
  • word cards (set of 4)
  • dual line highlighters (set of 4)
  • zebra disposable brush pen (black ink)

art supply store:

  • pentel energel (0.5mm, black ink)
  • sakura pigma micron 02 (0.3mm, black ink)
  • pilot g-tec-c4 (0.4mm, black ink)
  • sakura glaze gel pen (white ink)
  • tombow dual brush pen - light ochre (991)
  • tombow dual brush pen - sand (992)

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anonymous asked:

so do you think your handwriting looks different when you write with different utensils? clearly fountain pens are your medium of choice, but if you were to write in ballpoint or a mechanical pencil does it affect how your writing looks or do you simply prefer the feel of fountain pens?

My handwriting typically looks pretty similar across most mediums, but it looks its neatest when I’m using pens that produce thin lines. If I’m not using fountain pens I generally go with gel or fine liners in the .2 to .5 range. I use fountain pens because I prefer the feel and the thinner nibs. Here is a sample of my writing with different pens (and a mechanical pencil):

  • sakura pigma micron pens (black)
  • copic sketch markers (110, e000, r30, rv13, rv29)
  • sharpie permanent marker (black)
  • bic marking permanent marker (black)
  • uni-ball signo gel pen (white)

Day 29: pen swatch

So. Many. PENS. I started off with what I use the most but I have so many it just sort of escalated. This isn’t even all of them. This is the same problem I have with sketchbook, but at least I’m using these!

So for reference, across the top are maped graph peps and along the right is my current go to pen, the pilot g2 in 0.38, which is not only the thinnest not for that particular type of pen but the hardest to even find again. Under that are my gellyroll soufflé pens and my muji 0.38 gel pens in ALL THE COLORS. At the bottom are my inkjoy gel pens in 0.7, because you can’t get all the colors in 0.5 oh well, my kuretake fudegokochi and pentel brush pen from inktober, a freebie ballpoint pen I got from a company that offers custom pens (???) Two pilot hi-tec maica in 04, pink and blue, a ten color ballpoint pen company unknown and one of those really cute novelty Japanese import pens that all seem to have the same ink so yeah. And on the left there’s my gellyroll moonlight pens and a selection of micron pens the majority of which is 005, the smallest size from when I was going to make micro at my focus. Yeah. And also I almost forgot about the Jane Davenport Inkredible pen!

And again that’s not even all of them that’s just the main set! I bet if I made a video about all my pens it would be like 15 minutes long. (I’m not going to do that)

babybluemedic  asked:

Hey hope all is well! I just bought your sketchbook and I was wondering what size it is and what are some of the pens/tools you use in it? Its really awesome to see your process, thanks for making it available!!

the sketchbook i used   personally this sketchbook is ok for dry media, but it smears a lot, i wouldn’t recommend it for pen drawing at all because of how much it bleeds. but i’ve learned to work around that. I used this sketchbook for both this years, and last years book, and i only like it because its the perfect size, i like books rather than wirebound because they break too easily.  I’m looking for an alternative mixed media sketchbook so i can make more clean drawings. after a year of carrying it around with me in bags and stuff the spine is breaking as well. i’m rough with my stuff though.

my personal fav pens, inc rollerballs  ((if youre lucky u can find them at the dollar tree for way cheap ))

sakura brush pens 


white gel pen

blue draft pencil

highlighters and random pens !



Copic marker, Sakura gel pen, Sharpie, Various Micron/Zig Multiliners

So, spoiler for the end of Nightmare Syndicate. I realized a while back, I haven’t drawn Felix in monster mode since I did his character sheet. So I decided to illustrate the big end fight with Siali :3c was also really fun because I don’t do backgrounds much, but yeah

09.09.17 // Kagehina Day!

Hi hi! So since it’s kagehina day I decided to make today’s post about last month’s theme which was beach/hq!! I’m honestly super happy with it and will share the rest if you’d like me to! Pls give this a double tap and enjoy your weekend^^~ 

Much love💫