sakura bear

You start with setting up the feel

Then you say this

And run away

Trying to be chill

And so the next time you meet, you’re absolutely cool like you did not just declare your love yesterday

But we all knew it would end up like this

And we all died when we were blessed with this

BONUS: The grudging supportive brother


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You Are Cordially Invited [6/?]

Cover & Disclaimer

Chapter Summary:  For the most part, her parents have been supportive of hers and Sasuke’s relationship. It’s only occasionally that their worries cause them to overstep – or at least, cause her mother to overstep. But Sakura knows her parents, and she suspects that the longer they have to get used to the idea, and the more time they spend with Sasuke, the more accepting they will be.

Chapter Beta: None. As usual, I’ll edit it myself and with help from ProWriting Aid tomorrow, and then I’ll send it off to my beta. 

Author’s Note: Sorry if scene transitions are a little choppy. I’m still trying to get better at having time pass in a chapter, as opposed to writing long, drawn out explanations of an entire day’s worth of events…I really can’t afford this turning into another IOG, where it’s been 30-odd chapters and it’s still only the second day…

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