sakura akari


i’ve been debating to do these for a while, though after an anon the other day i finally screencapped all the Rares to Premium Rare cards i have in their fullbody art and started to render them.

(these are bigger than they appear)

more info about fullbody photokatsu renders is under the cut and is in the submission box on my blog:

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“Nếu vận tốc của hoa anh đào không phải là 5cm/s thì có lẽ nó sẽ không đẹp như thế. Và nếu khoảng cách giữa tôi và em là 5cm, thì có lẽ chỉ cần một bước để đến với em chứ không phải là cả một đời người. 
Hoa anh đào vẫn rơi

Và tôi đã nắm trượt nó." 

The Genius' "What do you admire about the other members?" 755 corner lol

I’m sure you must all be very curious about what this incredible genius might be thinking about your beloved favorite members. (If you think you’re not, you must be just in a state of confusion. Everything will get better, don’t worry.)
Well, anyway… it all started because of something she said…

Maybe she wished she never said it lol
After this…they just kept coming X°°D
Will your oshimen be among the one she got asked about?
Let’s see :P
I’ll just put them all here. Enjoy.

So, how did you like this corner? XD
I have to say I quite enjoyed it. It was nice. To be honest, reading some members’ 755 talks is getting one of my ways of soothing myself after work lol
In any case, after all this…could there not be someone mentioning what she admires about Yuria? So…her she is. Ms. Salt again, y'all!

As a fan, seeing Yuria surrounded by great people she can admire, and by some that really do care for her and properly are by her side, is really a relief and a wonderful thing :)

Y en ese mismo momento sentí como si finalmente entendiera donde yacía  la eternidad, nuestros corazones y nuestras almas. Era como si entendiera todo lo que pasó en mi vida estos 13 años. Por esta razón, el siguiente momento… me llené de una insufrible tristeza… No sabía qué hacer con estos sentimientos. Su calidez, su alma. ¿Cómo debía cuidarla? ¿Dónde debía llevarla? Me entristecí por no saber la respuesta… Y en ese mismo momento entendí que no estaríamos juntos para siempre. El peso de nuestras vidas que aún debían seguir, y la poca certeza de nuestro tiempo cayó sobre nosotros. Pero entonces todas mis preocupaciones, todas mis dudas comenzaron a derretirse, y lo único que quedó fue la sensación de sus labios.
—  5 centímetros por segundo