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DR AU Assassination Classroom

This is based on @incorrectassclass’ idea of a Danganronpa Assassination Classroom AU

•Karma and Nagisa are childhood friends and Nagisa makes Karma promise not to kill anyone because he doesn’t want his friend to die
•Okajima is killed by Meg for being a pervert
•Isogai and Maehara are killed together
•Karma loudly declares that if ANYONE even TOUCHES Manami he will go BALLISTIC on them
•Rio and Rinka are the detectives. Rinka is great at noticing all the tiniest details (along with Chiba) and Rio is good at putting all the details together and figuring out what happened
•Kayano is the Sayaka, and dies early on
•Nagisa is heartbroken and basically doesn’t know how to cope with it
•I guess they knew each other before hand? And Kayano, Nagisa, and Karma were a trio?
•plot twist, the one controlling Koro-sensei is Aguri and Kayano was supposed to be the Mukuro, but gets killed
•the survivors are Nagisa, Karma, Manami, Rio, Sugino, and Kanzaki
•Sugino and Kanzaki have a Kazuichi-Sonia relationship (he calls her Miss Kanzaki and is super obvious about his feelings for her)
•Karma and Nagisa are best friends and Nagisa starts crying at the end because he’s so happy that Karma made it too
•Nagisa is also crying because Kayano was one of the masterminds, and because she’s dead
•Karma and Manami totally hook up afterward, and they are basically inseparable.
•Sakura (Nagisa’s tutee) is the one trapped in Towa, and Rio goes to help her out
•Eventually Sugino gets Kanzaki to go out with him and all the other survivors ship it
•Nagisa is the Super High-School Level Assassin
•Karma is the Super High-School Level Mathematician
•Manami is the Super High-School Level Chemist
•Rio is the Super High-School Level Linguist
•Sugino is the Super High-School Level Baseball Star
•Kanzaki is the Super High-School Level Caretaker
•Isogai is the Super High-School Level Class Representative
•Okajima is the Super High-School Level Photographer (Lol, yeah that’s what he’s doing)
•Rinka is the Super High-School Level Gun-User (couldn’t think of anything better LOL)
•Chiba is the Super High-School Level Sniper
•Karasuma is Munakata and Irina is Chisa
•Class A are the Remnants
•Nagisa, Karma, and Manami are trapped in Future Foundation with Karasuma, Irina and Takaoka (who dies first and was Class A’s teacher and brought them to despair)
•Karma dies in Future Foundation
•His forbidden action was basically the same as Kyoko’s forbidden action was, except with Nagisa
•Irina dies too (Karasuma kills her like Munakata killed Juzo)
•Nagisa 100% blames himself for Karma dying, and afterward he isn’t ever really the same
•he and Manami become way closer, and become inseparable friends (no romance though) and they reopen Hope’s Peak together

Maybe I’ll do more for this, but thinking about this AU is super fun so I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it!!


AKB48 48th Single - Negaigoto no Mochigusare Live Performance


i’ve been debating to do these for a while, though after an anon the other day i finally screencapped all the Rares to Premium Rare cards i have in their fullbody art and started to render them.

(these are bigger than they appear)

more info about fullbody photokatsu renders is under the cut and is in the submission box on my blog:

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