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Can u post ur ss unfinished works?? I'm a drawer too and the harsh fact is unfinished drawings usually never get finished lol so I rather see what u have then not at all!

You…are so right…lol. Most of the SS art I have is for a SS project I’m working on, so to not spoil it, I’m not gonna post the sketches :T

But, here’s a crying Sakura sketch I drew a while back.

(happy tears)

Animation Fail

Paused episode 472 at just the right moment (or wrong moment depending on your perspective)

(This is at approx 19:28 for one or two frames at most, but still…)

Forget Naruto’s occasionally missing whiskers, or Sasuke and Kakashi’s occasionally missing sharingans, mangekyous etc…Poor Sakura is missing her entire face :\

ppl who understand the characters Kishi made are his own and do not try to forcefully fit them into whatever they want them to be or do or whatever the heck.. u know, people who actually RESPECT the characters as the individuals (unique and beautiful) that they are… yeah. 
well ah u all are such a treasure to the world. 
 *big high five & hug* 🤗💗

woman walks in the shadow wirh her dog at spring sunset.

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Because I wished for everyone to live, I did everything I could.

Heeeeey cuties ♥
Nope, I’m not dead, I was just a little while (a year) in Japan but I’m back for good with new cosplays to show!
Let’s start with @asu-just-asu made such a good job sewing this cosplay! And she was so nice to lend it to me *A*
Also you HAVE to give SL-Picture a big like for making such stunningly beautiful pictures of me!

Just so we’re clear

THIS is the Sakura I hate with a burning passion.

This is the Sakura I love.  <3

My reason being? This character development is the best I’ve ever seen in any show or anime I’ve ever watched. When I first met her in episode two, I wanted to kill her myself. Then, this bad bitch shows up in shippuden and I’m like “Holy fuck I love you, don’t murder me”. lol

So, anytime I rave about what a shitty character Sakura is, know I’m referring to pre-shippuden Sakura when she was actually useless.