RyoSaku Month?

Hi guys! I’ve been wondering if you’d be willing to participate in “RyoSaku Month” this coming August? Since Genius 128 will be released on that month, I think it will be fun to celebrate it with this activity. If this gets enough support, I’ll start creating prompts for each week of August :)

For prizes, I’m not sure if there’d be any. Probably just the enjoyment of the event? (And Ryoma and Sakuno [FINALLY] going on a date?) unless you have any ideas, then, feel free to message me about it!

If you'e game for this activity, feel free to like this! :D (and reblog for it to spread!) Also feel free to express your opinions on the comments ^_^ (I’ve allowed people to answer this!)

Hi guys! lmpandora here, just wanted to inform you that I will officially turn this to a RyoSaku/Sakuno appreciation blog once I fix the themes and such :D Might officially launch it by next week! ;D 

Will track the tags: #RyoSaku and #Sakuno_Ryuzaki. But, since I saw hate on the latter tag, I think it’s best that we create a new tag to filter out the hate, so if you’d like to post anything Sakuno related, feel free to just tag it as #SakunoRyuzakiLove. Remember to add the tag on the first five tags for it to be searched, thank you!

Officially Launched

I guess I finished earlier than expected, so I’m officially launching this blog! (sorry for spamming the ryosaku and sakuno tag OTL)

I currently have most of the posts related to RyoSaku and Sakuno on queue so expect updates from this blog at least five times a day :D

Here are some links that you’d see in this blog:

Just a reminder that I track the tags: #RYOSAKU and #SAKUNORYUZAKILOVE. Currently checking the Sakuno Ryuzaki (only) tag though for queue purposes. Thank you and let the shipping commence!