sakuno x ryoma

Missing you

Inspired by the cover image.

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Ryoma sat down on the farthest chair in the dining area setting his head down, he sighed feeling the cold plastic. He was sweating and breathing a little uneven. It was another day of rigorous practising at the U-17 camp, he was kind of tired but he was not complaining, he loved training here they were many strong tennis players he had matches against that made his blood sing with excitement. There was one thing though he didn’t like one thing about the camp though, outsiders were not allowed to meet and neither he was allowed to leave the camp even for a day unless he wants to get expelled. There was one person he wanted to meet a lot. It was Ryuzaki Sakuno his 3 months girlfriend. It was a secret, though, from all his senpais and friends, the only one who knew was Tomoka. It was a simple reason because their senpais were crazy, nosy and stalkers, And he loved his privacy.

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