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Prince of Tennis: Chapter 241

10 points to Sakuno for realizing that the mystery girl was not Ryoma’s girlfriend.

Another 100 points to Sakuno for impressing Ryoma by recognizing his usual backhand.

Sakuno is not to be taken lightly. She may seem weak, but she’s far from that. And everybody can tell that her presence does not bother Ryoma. Rather, she constantly impresses him by her achievements which he oddly seems to notice no matter how small those achievements are.

New Prince of Tennis; Golden age 128  "Fortune slips"

Sakuno: Well, I wanted… to ummm… have you get picked as an All Japan Representative, so I went to the Miuchi shrine to pray for your victory…

Original Art from Konomi sensei’s twitter

Okay, so the other day I was looking at Ryosaku fanarts at Pixiv, and suddenly one of them said “Omedetou! (Congratulations!)” and I was like “Uh? But we already got that picture when Ryosaku was pretty much confirmed, and then I decided to search on twitter and found this on Konomi’s account.

Rough translation since japanese users tend to use a lot of slangs or short words on twitter and it’s really confusing, sorry:

Today is Ryoma kun's 

The theme of the next edition for August that will be published at SQ nation wide it’ll be what every Sakuno chan fan was waiting for♪

Ryoma and Sakuno on a date…!?

It’s a must see♡

҉(ㅅ´ ˘ `)҉ (´・c_・`)

Kyaaaaaaaaaa Ryosaku more canon than ever! Oh God my shipping feelings…! Damn you Konomi sensei, you just took my feelings and made them explode….!

It has been months since I read a NPOT chapter, now the wait until August it’s gonna be like hell, I wanted to see Saku chan for like 4 years, for Federer’s sake!

Guys my ship is canon, my ship is canon! *Cries of happines*

In Japan, Ryosaku was trending topic!


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