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I love narusaku but why is April 3rd their day?

April 3rd is NaruSaku Day. It is celebrated annually by NaruSaku fans on sites like Tumblr, DeviantArt, and Facebook.

“The day Naruto fell in love with Sakura-chan” was said the 2010 Shounen Jump Calendar.

Alternatively, it could mean “The day Naruto came to like Sakura”. ‘Suki (好き)’ means love and like in Japanese.

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Important Distinction about NaruSaku

An important thing I think we NaruSaku fans need to remember is that we have our own moments, our own development, and our own ‘origin’ story.

Anime and fillers are currently rewriting the history of Naruto to make certain pairings fit. You’ll see fans using headcanons as facts. The anime studio copy moments from other ships to their own ships because they seem to lack their own ideas or they want to legitimize ships that were previously illegitimate.

I just wanted to remind you all that NaruSaku doesn’t need that. In fact, there are two very important things that we don’t need. We don’t need:

= Sakura to be Naruto’s first bond

We all know that Naruto’s first bond was Sasuke. Then Iruka. Then Sakura and Kakashi. Then Jiraiya. And the list goes on and on with some characters in-between. The story of NaruSaku is not about Sakura being the first one there for Naruto. Sakura was just one of the first people who saved Naruto from his loneliness.

The one thing we can point to Sakura being first in is believing Naruto could achieve his ‘stupid/impossible dream’. This is a point repeated later in the manga and is often overlooked (even though the ending does a complete 180 and Sakura doesn’t seem to care or help Naruto achieve his dream)

= Naruto and Sakura to be destined soul mates

NaruSaku is not about Naruto and Sakura automatically having a connection just like that and understanding each other from the get go. That is not them, we do not need to steal that from other ships. That is not what the manga told us.

Naruto and Sakura did not truly understand one another at first. Naruto was an annoying pest who at times, didn’t know when to calm down or back off. Sakura was very inconsiderate of other peoples life circumstances and said offensive things without even realizing it.

Naruto grew up and obviously learned to respect Sakura’s feelings even if she liked another guy (though he still asked her out on dates, some of which she agreed to)

Sakura grew up to have a better understanding of Naruto and his life struggles. She learned the pain Naruto had to deal with, and the burden he carried.

We must not forget the strongest pillar of NaruSaku is their growth and how they grew up to be better people because of each other.


Always remember what NaruSaku is about and how it stood all on its own. It ran deep within the manga. Other pairings within the series were based off of it. And lastly, our reasons for shipping it were valid without the need to copy other ships or rewrite history.

Have a good day!

Anime sakura vs canon

sakura only abuses naruto and never believed in him


Selfish bitch


Selfless bullied child with no selfconfidence who grew out as the most powerful kunoichi in the naruto universe.  Living for saving people lifes. (and later with her own  children healths mental care hospital )

so yeah guess how they messed her character