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Ahhhh I just read Wild Things and it was so great!!! "Sweet cinnamon roll sunshine sun" is Naruto to a T. Aha, speaking of tiny precious sons, I was trying to find a picture of Orochimaru and Mitsuki together because Reasons, and it occurred to me. It's established that a) Oro is such a Tobirama fanperson and b) in canon that Oro has Tobi's DNA on hand. You're telling me there's a zombie-raising genius white haired hellion and Oro wouldn't use that DNA for mitsuki's dad? Tsuna, meet your uncle.

I’m uber attached to your WIP with Sakumo’s dna used for Mitsuki, but can you imagine? “You cloned the 2nd Hokage. Because of course you did” Sarutobi is OUT. Even worse than the idea of Jira/Oro’s hellspawn, TOBIRAMA? Hell no. Also, Oro making shifty eyes because his crush on Tobirama really was that noticeable and he’s such a fanperson, all awe and subtle nerd-worship. tbh with his huge hero-worship crush I can see Oro deciding “there is no logical better candidate of DNA donor”

I think someone actually mentioned they were going to try and write this fic, which is fantastic because you are absolutely right, and I’m kind of weirded out by how overjoyed Orochimaru must have been to actually get his hands on Tobirama’s DNA. Working for Danzou trying to recreate Mokuton is one thing, but holding Senju Tobirama’s DNA?

Okay, yeah, I’m creeping myself out so I’m going to stop there. 


Dearest Kakashi …

After a long time of work for this letter I can finally show you my letter from Sakumo to Kakashi.
I dedicate this letter to all people, who have or had a similar situation and to those, who lost a beloved friend or family member and could not understand, why …
Sometimes there is even unforgiveness or things which you as beraved person still bear. I feel with all those people.

This letter is an imaginary letter, because Sakumo Hatake is already dead and he cannot write his son. But I thought, if it had been possible, then he would have written him this lines and showed him those memories.
And I drew the mother of Kakashi. In my imagination she could have looked like this. With the mole .

Kakashi later forgived his father, as he had the chance to meet him in a kind of “limbo realm” and told him, that he forgives him and even is proud of him. It was peace for both at least.This picture I already have drawn:

I listened to this one meanwhile drawing:

© Original character Hatake Kakashi and Hatake Sakumo by Masashi Kishimoto
© Art by Keja Blank


Naruto invited his friends to stay overnight. Adults were not as happy about it.

If you like spying, try to find:
1. dogs’ tennis ball
2. Naruto’s autoportrait
3. Iruka’s favourite book
4. Mr. Foxy
5. Katsuyu-chan (Tsunade’s slug)
6. Icha Icha Paradise
7. Mr. Ukki (that’s way too easy!)

Have you found them all?