dedicated to envoychinaberry!!!

lmao what is this i don’t even know XD this bizarre scene just played itself out in my mind when I read her reply to my comment on her drawing of Team Minato.

I suppose this is a birthday present of sorts??? :D 

*and from what I gather Sakumo committed seppuku of sorts…so umm his guts are kind of hanging out.

Forgiveness. At long last.

A few days ago I watched this scene again:…

And I was so touched again, that I had to do another father/son picture.
I drew this meanwhile listening to this soundtrack of Naruto:…

FORGIVENESS is rare in our world. We should learn to forgive. It makes our relationships and our world a better place. It is a word that is nearly forgotten. Forgiveness is hard, but is leads to inner peace. I believe in that.

© Original character Hatake Kakashi and Hatake Sakumo  by Masashi Kishimoto
© Artistic depiction by me

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