The map of world wealth

This is a map of the world weighted not by land mass or navigation lines but around how much wealth each country has. As you can see, North America and Western Europe balloon to enormous proportions — even after adjusting for purchasing power, 46 percent of global wealth in 2002 was in their hands. The horror of this map is the shrunken husk of Africa. That’s a lot of people living with very little.

Map courtesy of: Worldmapper

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hi abbey! I was wondering if you could tell me where you found that background you used on your newest theme? the black and white checkered one? I've been looking everyone for one to use and if I did end up finding a similar one, would you mind I use it? thank you :)

i actually made it myself a little while ago (you may notice i use it on some of my theme makeovers actually) and decided to use it on this theme, ‘non ! i have a light version (which is the one used on the theme) and a dark version as it is a transparent png grid so you can change the color of the background whilst having a grid overlay ! i’ve left the mediafire download links for you below !



FIRST ACTS: Chris Price Me and My Lungs - An insight into graphic and motion designer Chris Price’s life and experiences living with Cystic Fibrosis. With a focus on achieving balance and turning challenges into creative opportunities.


Installations by Javier Riera

“I think that geometry is the best language to describe the pulse of nature’s depths,” says Riera. “What happens in landscape can be explained with mathematics, physics and geometry…“