KisaSaku Aesthetic

“He wasn’t dead.” He was only mostly dead when she found him. His breathe coming in short, pained gasps. Later, if she was asked, she’d tell them that she couldn’t just let him die. It went against her code as a medic. What she wouldn’t tell them was that he had opened his eyes for a few seconds and smiled at her. In the end it was the smile that made her stay.

Heh. So! This wasn’t one of the billion of aesthetics that I was planning on posting, but it’s the one that wouldn’t leave me alone all day. ^^’ I’m 100% blaming @blackkatmagic for this. I hadn’t even considered this pair until last night when I saw it on her blog? Oops?

(gdmit, Kat. I really didn’t need another rare pair. *cries*)