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Can I see Sakuya's reaction to the following: 'Saku-yass' 'Sakuy-ass' :D

I should’ve never named myself “Sakuyass” on discord…… and this shouldn’t have taken this long to answer this ask cause I did this in only 1 hour, I just never did the last page UNTIL NOW ppfft anyways:

Sakuya: 6 | CA3: 1

All these crack comics end the same way.


in loving memory of my discord name lol

Lot 22 Dean - Sakui by Scotch & Soda. The highlight piece of 2013. A limited edition 14oz Japanese selvedge with amazing multi-coloured neps. ‘Sakui’ translates to ‘making art for art’s sake’ and is the treasure trove of the future. Made in only 222 runs, this will be that collectors edition Marvel comic that denim heads will keep in their archive forever.

I love this one!