anxietychan  asked:

What if Yarne made it Hoshido with Cynthia, too? (He's probably be a Wolfskin)

wolfskin sounds like a good fit!  it’d probably take yarne some time to adjust to his new beast form, though (going from oversized bunny to scary yeti dog thing can be kind of jarring, i’d imagine).  hoshidans probably are a little wary of a wolfskin in their midst at first, but once they realize he’s a gentle skittish goof, they warm up to him.  probably assumes the alias Holland!


Lacey’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. He works as a sellsword, where his pretty face, charming smile, and prowess with a blade serve as powerful assets. However, he is reckless and impulsive, diving into fights at the drop of a hat. Despite his ears and tail, he knows very little about his Wolfskin heritage, which bothers him immensely. The most likely to pick a fight.  Born June 11th.

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