i’ve been wanting to do updated sprites of my sweet wolfskin child for ages and I’m finally doing it, hhhhh

this is one of my Fates characters, Lacey!  she’s been around for quite some time (nearly a year at this point), and I love her lots and lots, she’s a sweetheart aaaaa;;  I love the idea of beast units starting in different classes than their species, which is partially what inspired Lacey to start as a Troubadour!  (her secondary class is Wolfskin, though!)  her bio’s over here, if you’re interested in her!  (not everything’s filled out, but I’m working on it, ahaha;;)


several people asked about the other Awakening kids as Fates units, so I’m trying to grind through the rest of them!  it might take a little while, but I’ll do my best to get through everyone ( •̀ ᴗ •́ )و

so to start, by popular request, Noire!  I’ve actually done a fates!Noire before, but I’ve seen numerous people saying she’d probably be a Hoshidan unit, and after thinking about it, I…have to agree.  she probably assumes the alias Mukuro to better blend in, and ends up serving the royal family as an archer, though they’re a bit wary of her prowess in dark magic.  

the reason it took forever is there’s no female generic archer sprite and i didn’t wanna just yoink setsuna’s, so. had to do everything from scratch. whoops.

Your name is the CODE GEASS FANDOM, and what the fuck is up with the HOMESTUCK FANDOM?

Seriously, though.  Ever since they’ve come into town, people have been pushing you to the wayside.  And you don’t know why.

Come on, now.  You’ve got a huge cast.  You’ve got attractive shippable characters with ambiguous sexualities.  You’re not afraid to kill off your main characters.  Seriously, what do they have that you don’t?  

And don’t say a crazy fandom, because you have that too.

God, you hate them.





sorry i’m not sorry