saku's pixels


So!!  a proper Metal Sonic sprite.  ; v ; /)  I also figured he would have alternate outfits to match Sonic’s dreamer garb and god tier, but with altered color schemes.  [He’s not actually a player, but a good impostor has more to his wardrobe to match the impostee, right??] so I might do those later;; 

okay!!  Mobiustuck sprites of Sonic!!  Prospit dreamer, Knight of Breath~  > w < /)

I’ll mostly likely end up modifying each character’s default outfit into their dreamer jammies, since I really liked how Kanaya’s and Feferi’s looked like their normal outfits. If Aiden wants it changed though, I can fix it!!

Sonic’s human design is Aidan’s/goatzee’s, as was the decision for Sonic’s moon and title.  ; u ;

Your name is RABBIT WALTER, and now that your BROTHERS and BANDMATES have agreed to play this silly game with you, you’re ON TOP OF THE UNIVERSE.

[reuploading altogether because I fixed up Rabbit’s face to better match the new make-up Bunny did.  I also edited his Prospit jammies, because in hindsight, most of the dreamer outfits looked closely to the kids/trolls’ normal clothes.  I’m working on the Spine atm, too.  :D]

The SpineHatchworthThe JonUpgradeMalfunction

second set of the sprites I was working on, Miss Cherry!  She’s a very classy Prospitian lady.  Among the classiest, in fact.  ;D

Amy outfit to go with Aidan’s Sonic one, plus Lex [who she’s based on] is Amy.  Amy is Lex.  A truth this is.

i went overboard with the sparkles i’m sorry;;

okay I decided to dick around and do some other sprites that started out for fun but one of them might actually be a thing but the other two sets are just for funsies so yeah

so out of those three, here’s the first one!  Aidan, Mobiustuck’s creator.  . w . /)  Because I already did the panel edit, why not, right?  I also have another part to this that I haven’t finished yet, so there’s…that….;;

i’m sorry i probably ruined your hair friend;;

and the third set of “I just wanted to do these for the halibut” sprites!  Her name’s Lil’ Saku.  She’s cute!  But she also has eyes that make it look like she wants to devour your soul.  ( =①ω①=)

somewhat based on a persona I used to have that had purple cat ears and tail, but also heavily based on Tailsdoll, per Aidan’s suggestion.  Also Mephiles/Machiavellian Duke outfit to go with Aidan’s Sonic and Miss Cherry’s Amy.  

done completely from scratch send help;;;;;