saku pv

Dir en grey Nagoya7/21

The look: Kyo`s hair color seems to fade out, at least it looked lighter to me. His face was pale with greyish (?) blush and red lips. He had pink fake lashes on the lower eyelid and maybe black lashes on the upper lid (maybe the other way). His contact lenses were very light and his new piercing is on the right side above his mouth. He wore a white shirt with quillings on his chest and back and black pants. During encore the flashy yellow shirt (see post below), and tight black pants.

Kaoru wore the sleveless shirt with the sleeves attached on the lower part of the shirt ooor no sleeves but cuffs. I could not tell and black pants. His upper arms looked kinda sexy. His hair is blond as you know by now, dark eyeshadow and his beard is gone. He looks younger, I think. During encore he wore simple black clothes, sorry I didnt pay much attention.

Toshiya wore a black jacket with reminded me of Michael Jacksons military style, but not that flashy. He also wore black pants and a thin scarf. His hair is very similar to the old days (saku pv). He looked really good. During encore he wore a sleeveless, black shirt, I think it had quillings in the middle.

Dai was more or less out of my sight, I just remember his beautiful, long wavy hair and his black pants. The left side has many cuts and ends like hotpants. During encore he wore the tour shirt with the cat on the front.

Shinya wore a white shirt and during encore black, but thats all I could see! Sorry.

Since someone else wrote a good summary about the highlights of the show I wont add anything, except Dai and Kyo smiling / grinning at each other was cute.