dareva  asked:

Build, Face, and Eyes for Arehmot and Sak

[eyes]: not just the colour, but the shape, the length of their eyelashes, whether they’re alert or usually half-closed, large or small, sunken into the face, ringed by bags, etc.

Arehmot has orange, almond-shaped eyes, with short black eyelashes. They are usually fully alert, on the average side for size, as well.

Sak has light blue eyes, wide and hella alert, and short-medium length eyelashes. He has the little eye crinkles when he smiles, and sometimes there are light bags under them from lack of sleep.

[face]: what is the shape of their face, do they have pronounced cheekbones or a strong jaw, what’s the size and shape of their nose, what’s the size and shape of their ears, do they stick out, are they pointed, etc.

Arehmot has a strong face and jawline, with prominent facial ridges where eyebrows would normally be on a human. He has pronounced cheekbones, an asymmetrical scar on his right cheek, and minor ridges on his forehead, cheeks, and chin. He’s got a flat nose, large width-wise, and ridges on the bridge of it. His ears are slightly bigger than average and have little pointy spurs on the rim.

Sak has a roundy soft face for the most part–when he smiles, there are dimples. He has nice cheekbones, a scar on his left cheek, ceremonial tattoos on both cheeks, and a dimpled chin. His nose is slightly curved down and has a nice boopable tip. He’s got freckles prominently on the bridge of his nose, and some peppered on his cheeks. His ears are average-sized and they curve back a little.

[build]: are they skinny and petite or do they resemble a body builder, are they tall or short or average height, are they lean and wiry, are they overweight, are all of their features proportionate, etc

Arehmot is a big guy. He’s 6′5″ and built like a truck–strong shoulders, big arms and hands, long legs and big feet, and a nice belly. Very cuddleable, strong like bull, will lift and recommend hugs. He’s got some ridges on his lower back and on the back of his neck, but nothing too extreme.

Sak is a squish. He’s 5′7″ and has strong arms from dual wielding lightsabers, as well as strong thighs and legs from running and jumping a lot. He’s very squishy chubby around his middle (much soft belly), and has a roundy butt to boot. Super squish. He’s got freckles on his shoulders, chest, butt, thighs, and other spots that usually only Mero sees.