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Outlander costumes, Saks 5th Avenue display, 2016

A hornet just landed on my shoulder and I looked it dead in the eye for like, 5 minutes trying to decide if I should flick it off or wait for it to leave. It started twerking indecisively. I felt the tip of it touch and tried to lift my shirt up a little. So he walks CLOSER TO MY FACE and I’m like WELP this is it. I’ll die exactly how I lived: hiding behind the electric box in the Saks 5th Ave. loading dock checking tumblr.

lifting weekend ftw :3

Saks 5th Ave:
Walter Baker leather jacket ~ $126
Helmet Lang shorts ~ $207
total: $333

Air dry clay (x2) ~$26
Letter beads (x2) ~$10
Jump rings (x2) ~ $8
Assorted chains (x5) ~ $26
Pliers ~ $7
Earring hooks ~ $14
Hair ties ~ $4
Ribbon ~ $6
total: $101

Sam Edelman heels ~ $45
Adidas Slippers ~ $20
BCBG clutch ~ $8
total: $73

grand total: $507

J. Lindeberg and Saks New Venture Together

Last night Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City held an event on their 7th floor that is dedicated to menswear for the launch of J. Lindeberg now being sold in the store. This event was brought together with friends like GQ Magazine, GrandLife Hotels, Fohr Card, and Mackmyra Svenk Whiskey to help make the two hour event a memorable night. Jesse Heuvelink, J. Lindeberg Head of Design was hosting with the notables such as Wade Crescent, Sebastian Pugas, and Steven Rojas.

To top off the night, Jesse presented what felt like an intimate AW13 fashion presentation that was modeled by Collin Hughes, Joshua Woods, and Mike Abu to name a few. While the night was young, there was still a great turn out such as Eric Jennings, Megan Collins, and Matty Seebs in support of J. Lindeberg and Saks new venture together.