when everyone was high….part 3

Arsene derp part 2: the day Ion was….molested

from “senpai” contest, LiuJien(Ryung) suddenly turned to DivaOnion(Ion) and…tadaaaa~~~later Eduardo was curious too and joined in, and Orzel Bialy(Rascel) couldn’t resist it too… (^o^;;) MY POOR ION <(Q_Q)> Lucy was too high and even derp on broad (:3)rz spent 30 minutes in arsene just to derp  lol ^p^  there’s the ending in the last pic o/

p/s: Chikan is the term of  street gropers/groping in Japan. and “TAMA WO KUDASAI” is taken from Ixion Saga DT’s ED song 1  (hilarious anime, this song is about tama = balls lololol)