Nightrunner: Thorns Among Roses

“Alec,” Seregil whined, giving his voice a tantalizing lilt. “Let’s not go nightrunning tonight. Let’s stay in and play.”

Alec furrowed his brow. “Now I know you’re not feeling well.” He placed his palm against Seregil’s forehead, testing for fever. “You’ve been chomping at the bit all week for someone to burgle. Nearly wore tread marks in our carpet with all your restless pacing. And now you don’t want to go out?”

Seregil could sense he was losing this battle. He withered in disappointment. “Remember that time we spent in the log cabin? In the woods? No jobs, no politics, or responsibilities. Just us and the wilderness? Let’s do that again. I miss that.”

“You miss it now, but as soon as we go out there you’ll be bored within a week.”

Seregil didn’t want to admit that Alec was right. He looked away, tight lipped. Alec caught the betraying expression and grew more worried.

“You’ve not been having any nightmares, have you?” Alec mused, slowly parsing out the truth. “This sudden desire to pick up and run…. Do you have some reason to want to flee the city?”

Seregil’s lack of response was the only answer he needed.

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nightrunner series characters [4/?] -> klia ä idrilain elesthera klia rhíminee 

Seregil grimaced. “I should think you’d have seen enough of battle last year. That piece of fun nearly cost you your arm and Myrhini both.”
Myrhini gave the toe of Klia’s boot a playful kick. “You know her. She’s Sakor-touched. It only makes her hotter for the next fight.”
“As if you’re not just as bad.” Klia grinned. “Either one of us could be at home with a babe or two already if we didn’t care more for battle than we do for a handsome face!”


Supercoppa Primavera 2013: Lazio-Juventus 1-2

Bild 1 från vänster:
Vajebah Sakor, Christian Tavanti, Nicolò Curti, Simone Emmanuello, Pol Garcia Tena, Gianmarco Vannucchi, Anastasios Donis, Filippo Romagna, Matteo Gerbaudo, Younes Marzouk, Edoardo Ceria.

Bild 2:
Ferdinando ‘Nando’ Scarpello, Preparatore Portieri.
Fabio Grosso, Vice-Allenatore Primavera.
Andrea Zanchetta, Allenatore Primavera.
Andrea Pertusio, Preparatore Atletico.

Bild 3:
Stefano Braghin, Direttore Sportivo/Responsabile Settore Giovanile.
Gianluca Pessotto, Responsabile Area Tecnica.
Federico Cherubini, Collaboratore Area Tecnica.

Bild 4:
Simone Emmanuello, Anastasios Donis, Edoardo Ceria, Andrea Zanchetta, 'Vlad’ Marin, Filippo Romagna.

Bild 5:
Francesco Bertinetti, Filippo Romagna, Simone Emmanuello, Gianmarco Vannucchi, Edoardo Ceria, Soumah Alhassane, Emil Audero, Younes Marzouk, 'Vlad’ Marin, Anastasios Donis, Christian Tavanti (liggande).

Bild 6:
Anastasios Donis, Matteo Gerbaudo.

Bild 7 & 8:
Younes Marzouk.

Bild 9:
'Vlad’ Marin.