sakizo's illustrations


Sakizo’s Illustrations - Romantic Jewels Gentlemen - Prince Emerald

Okay, I know technically WIPs are meant to be posted WHILST the costume is still in progress, but the construction process of this costume was so hectic I only took photos and barely posted any ;_______; Sorry these aren’t the best photos, I mostly took them on a whim whilst I was working orz.

Anyhow a few weeks ago, I cosplayed Prince Emerald, based on Sakizo’s Illustrations (Romantic Jewels series) at Melbourne Oz Comic Con!
The entire costume took about 1.5months to complete (there’s still parts to add really), it is definitely the most detailed costume I’ve challenged, I had lots of help from my mother too coz she was tired of seeing me fail at sewing ahahaha ;3;
Many thanks must be given to the friends that helped me source certain materials and gave me advice on how to paint things/cast resin! It was a grueling costume for a noob like me, so without everyone’s help, it wouldn’t have been possible <3

We did a quick shoot at the con too (with beautiful Siera as Sakizo’s Blueberry Cheesecake design), so be on the look out for those photos! :D

Anyone out there fans of Sakizo’s works? What’s your favorite design? *______*