Life in a Glass House || Justin & Selena

Pacing in front of her closet, Selena pulled out a shirt and slipped it over head. If she was being honest, she really didn’t want to go to this party. In fact it was the last thing she wanted to do. She was mentally drained from her earlier conversation with Justin, talking about things she just wasn’t ready to deal with. But she should have known better, known that Justin would see right through her ever so careful act of playing pretend. There was a small part of her that was glad he still cared, that he still looked at her, but there was another part that wished he would just make it easier for them to be friends and not leave them stuck with a mix of feelings. But Selena did her best to let those thoughts vacate her mind and focus on the party she promised she’d attend.

When she was finally satisfied with her outfit, a simple pair of dark skinny jeans and a loose fitting black shirt with a gold zipper up the back, she shrugged and grabbed a small purse, throwing it over her shoulder. The party wasn’t too far away and one of her friends offered to pick her up. But for some reason Selena declined and decided to drive herself, having the feeling that she wouldn’t want to stay the whole time. Lately she just wasn’t in the mood for these parties, but she knew her attendance might as well be required, otherwise it would only cause people to talk and wonder about her, which was the last thing she wanted. So she hopped into her car, started up the engine and sped off in the direction of the house party.

It was a fairly normal party, but not one that would easily be bombarded with paps or fans, so it was thankfully something she could handle attending on her own. She was thankful it’d mostly be filled with people she knew, but she was most excited to see Justin. Even if their earlier conversation was a little out of the ordinary, the fact that they were both in town meant they had to take advantage of it and see each other. So why not kill two birds with one stone and see him at the party, at least that was the thought running through Selena’s mind.

When she arrived at the house it was obvious she was fashionably late, which she didn’t mind in the slightest. So she quickly found a place to park near by and walked inside. The brunette was instantly greeted by her red-headed best friend Charity, who handed her a drink and guided her inside. It didn’t take long before Selena found herself lost in a conversation and disregarding the setting anyways. But there was still the thought of Justin lingering in the back of her mind the whole time, wondering when he’d arrive and if he’d find her okay. She knew her friends weren’t his biggest fans but she didn’t mind, she wanted to see him so she would. Though just to be sure, she pulled out her phone and sent the boy a quick text to let him know her location. 

Let's Get High || Ash&Luke

Ashley was just lounging around the house in her white v-neck and her yoga pants when she started talking to Luke. She’d never actually gotten high before, but tonight seemed like a good night to do it for the first time. The blonde padded along the hallway floor until she got to Luke’s room. Her fist rounded and she knocked on the door lightly. Ashley rocked back and forth on her heels as she waited. 

Let’s Go Halfsies|| Betty and Sam

Sam contemplated her coffee, wishing she didn’t feel so damn guilty as she looked over the beautiful mug, the decorations in the foam–the luxury she had gotten for free because Esther was a saint, and apparently when you were down on your luck, not everyone spit on you while you lay in the gutter. Surely, she had seen better days, and after several weeks of showering exclusively in the sink at work, she couldn’t have spelled great, no matter how much over-prices Daily Bugle bought soap she used. If Esther was smart–and the conversations they’d had over the last few months had her convinced that the woman was a genius–she should have kicked Sam out after the first glance. 

And yet here Sam was, dressed in clothes she had washed in the laundry room of her last one-night stand, drinking Esther-provided coffee, and waiting for one of her long-time idols to arrive so they could split an apartment: a weird dream come true, but a dream all the same. Sam had been saving over the last couple of weeks; having finally got her paycheck–her very first and not quite bad all things considered–she had been able to pay for a hotel the night before and had enough in her purse (she did not currently have a bank) to be able to put a downpayment on apartment–that is, if it was a very, very cheap apartment and she was splitting it in half with another buyer. She knew this–knew things were possible, knew her life just may be turning around–but she still couldn’t stop tapping her leg as she waited, nervous for more reasons than she was ready to name.