Berserk Creator Reveals He Based Band of the Hawk on High School Friendship
Berserk manga creator Kentarou Miura spoke at the "Hakusensha Sokujitsu Debut Manga Shō" (Hakusensha Same-Day Debut Manga Awards) event on Sunday. Members...

Kentaro Miura recently gave a lecture for aspring manga artists over the weekend at Hakusensha Same-Day Debut Manga Awards. 

More info not mentioned in ANN’s article (via Fakul from reddit)

  • First, he talks about how to get ideas.As examples for getting ideas by combining elements he uses “Girls&Panzer”(Tanks+Club activities), “KanColle”(Pretty girls+morphing into battleships) and “Restaurant to Another World”(Food+fantasy).
  • Then he goes on to explain to keep the advantages and disadvantages of your genre in mind, using isekai as example.
  • In regards to Berserk’s Guts, Griffith is a character who draws out impatience, fighting spirit and loneliness, Puck is “relaxation, laughter and a "seriousness crusher”“, the current Casca is "a character who draws out feelings of guilt, uneasiness and pity”.
  • By arranging the characters with the intention to pull a certain something about Guts to the surface, he becomes a multifaceted protagonist.
  • He finishes with stating to keep a balance between using established molds and coming up with original stuff, as original doesn’t necessary mean good.

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Damn, get it Teba