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This documentary moved me so much when I first saw it: “Tiznow Wins It for America”

Tiznow’s problems were now behind him. All he needed was an opponent, apparently a European, to re-ignite the fire in his eyes. One look at Sakhee about to deal America another crushing defeat and the mild-mannered colt once again became faster than a speeding bullet; once again became more powerful than a locomotive. He reached back into that indefinable reservoir we call heart, and in the shadow of the wire, was able to snatch victory away from Sakhee. America, for a fleeting instant, was as she was before Sept. 11– untainted and impenetrable. The nation’s fighting spirit that emerged in the face of disaster had manifested itself in the form of a magnificent, powerful Thoroughbred who simply refused to be defeated.
—  I should be asleep but instead I’m reading Steve Haskin’s work on Tiznow