Okay so because of my amazing rp w @mostladylikeladythateverladied where Chuuya leaves the Port Mafia and joins the ADA I’ve been thinking a lot about something lately and the idea of Ranpo, Yosano and Chuuya being a #squad is really really important to me like just take a moment to consider

  • A gay, a bi, and a lesbian walk into a bar
  • The gay is the only one there who isn’t drinking alcohol. He’s drinking ramune, as per usual, because what else would he drink. In hindsight this is probably not the best idea because the gay is also the only person in the group who cannot drive or navigate a train station
  • The bi and the lesbian are totally drinking buddies and appreciate the same brands of wine and sake
  • The bi likes to brag about his collection of vintages and casually mentions that he wouldn’t mind opening a bottle with the lesbian sometime
  • Fortunately for the trio, the lesbian is not a lightweight, unlike the bi, so even if she cant drive she can at least get all of them on a train and get them all back home safely
  • The three of them spoil Kyouka rotten, probably. Kyouka is their baby girl. Yosano takes her shopping, Chuuya makes clothes for her and braids her hair and does her makeup with her. Ranpo buys candy and soda for her and they just genuinely entertain each other because in all honesty they both have the same mental age
  • Speaking of shopping though, Chuuya and Yosano are definitely shopping buddies and they also get manicures together and get their hair done together and they gossip the whole time. Sometimes they drag Ranpo along just because he needs to stop cooping himself up in the office all day
  • Ranpo loves Chuuya because Chuuya is a well of information for him. Chuuya isn’t as secretive about his past as Dazai is and doesn’t have the same kind of PTSD that Kyouka does, so Ranpo can ask Chuuya about crime from a criminal’s perspective and get the detailed answers that he’s always wanted. The two of them can talk for hours without getting bored of each other. Chuuya is very fascinated by the way that Ranpo’s head works. They’re both intrigued by one another so they get along well together
  • The three of them gossip over coffee together, about their daily lives but also about things that they’ve seen or heard around the office. They also give each other advice on their love lives and vent to each other about their respective significant others
  • whispers i’m partial to soukoku, ranpoe and kousano but ya know
  • They’re just best buds man aint nobody can mess with that motherfuckin clique 

Courtesy Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London, and copyright the artist

Snipping Apart Dollar Bills, for Art’s Sake

The artist Yuken Teruya has sliced and diced Prada shopping bags, McDonald’s sacks, toilet-paper rolls and the front page of The New York Times into lush landscapes; for his upcoming solo exhibition at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery in London, he adds to this running list.

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i know who reys grandfather is

okay you guys all have your own little theories. rey skywalker boring rey kenobi more boring rey ‘conjured from the force as anakin’s reinacartion or grown from the cells of emperor palpatine’ wow a personal fave. but! i have the perfect theory you guys and honestly it’s fool proof1!!1

So as well know Rey has a British accent. You know who else has a british accent???

no lol not him!!!!

the other british person. that’s right

KI-ADI-MUNDI IS REY’S GRANDPA!!! Here is my evience

  • Rey Skywalker is boring 
  • He’s British….she’s British could i MAKE it any more obvious???? 
  • It would be so unexpected and cool you know??
  • kylo and rey wont be related  👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 if u kno what i mean


the gospel truth friends

What I Want From OUAT’s 5B:

  • Liam coming back to Storybrooke with Killian
  • A reunion between Killian and Milah that does not detract from their love story
  • A reunion between Rumple and Milah that does not detract from the fact that he murdered her because she left him (as was her right as a human being)
  • Emma getting closure with Graham
  • Mary Margaret and David focusing on their daughter
  • Mary Margaret and David acknowledging that Killian needs to be saved for his own sake
  • The end (one way or another) of the custody issues over Baby Hood
  • The longest Captain Swan kiss on record

What I Need From OUAT’s 5B:

  • A Captain Swan hug (a really long one)
  • Another Captain Swan hug (or, you know, twelve)
  • Killian and Emma going home to begin that future together