• noctis has fallen asleep on everyone at least once
  • scratch that - a fuckton of times
  • gladio is his favorite to sleep on because he’s so warm what is this sorcery
  • gladio doesn’t really mind anymore because hey the kid is tired let him sleep
  • noctis sometimes just fuckin keels over in the car and at this point gladio just pulls him into his lap and keeps talking because yes this is perfectly normal
  • he just kinda puts his hand on noct’s back and rubs it if it seems like he’s having a nightmare and it always helps at least a little bit
  • even if he still has a nightmare waking up to gladio right there is always really comforting
  • ignis is pretty good too??? like noctis has known him for so long that it’s honestly just natural
  • noctis will just lean on his shoulder when he gets tired and it startles him a little bit but as noct’s adviser he’s pretty used to things like that
  • honestly it’s impressive that he can continue whatever he’s doing with a straight face when noct’s hair keeps tickling his neck
  • (“highness you need a haircut, come here” “if you come any closer with those scissors i swear i will jump in that lake and literally become a fucking fish don’t test me on this ignis i s w e a r”)
  • in other words, that never changes
  • but having fluffy hair is good for something (annoying your local mom friend™)
  • ignis often ends up with his fingers resting lightly on noct’s shoulder
  • he isn’t quite sure if that’s more for noctis’ comfort or his anymore but neither of them are complaining
  • it’s just nice to know they aren’t alone and that they’re safe for the time being
  • prompto still fucking dies if noctis falls asleep on him because ???
  • it eases the doubts he has about his self-worth (at least for a little while) 
  • because noctis trusts him enough to let his guard down around him and ahhh even if they’ve been friends for forever it’s like???? he’s just so happy he’s on this stupid road trip and they’re alive
  • he always smiles really big and runs his fingers through noct’s hair
  • he’s really cuddly and always tries to be quieter for noctis’ sake
  • the key word there is ‘tries
  • since noctis is tired 99.9% of the time this happens almost daily but hey
  • no one is complaining

part one 

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Okay but like, homeless omega with pups who gets caught (by an alpha) stealing from a trash can (maybe the alpha owns a store or a restaurant?????) idk it just sounded extremely cute to me

This sounds like the height of cuteness 

  • When the alpha first catches them, they can barely recognise their scent through the clinging dirt and sweat
  • They think that they’re racoons or something, and storms out yelling and wielding a broom ready to smack them away
  • Obviously this scares the kids shitless, and they run, arms full of just-about-to-turn-gross food
  • But the omega mama obviously thinks they’re being attacked, so they drop what they’re holding and hit out, smacking the alpha right in the chest and winding them badly, and then running after their pups
  • Once the alpha has recovered, they try calling out to them to bring them back so they can help, but to no avail
  • So the alpha starts leaving out food and blankets, on the off chance that the omegas will come back
  • They also set up one of those alarms that deters animals; keep those buggers away
  • They check their security footage and see them creeping back every few nights, and the alpha wishes they had audio so they could hear what they’re saying, so they can provide what is needed
  • After a few nights, the alpha leaves a note along with the food saying “please come back during daylight, I want to help you”
    • Nothing. Nada. The omega mama doesn’t trust the alpha after the introduction they had
  • So the alpha waits and goes out when they arrive, trying as hard as they can to come across as the calm, strong, capable alpha that makes omegas melt
  • It sort of works. The omega doesn’t immediately run, but one of the pups growls at the alpha
  • The alpha just raises their hands and talks to the omega as softly as possible and offers help and support for them and their pups
  • The omega mama is VERY hesitant and wary, and the alpha explains why they had reacted the way they did on that first night
  • The omega very VERY hesitantly accepts, more for the sake of her pups than her own sake
  • The alpha is going to help them find a shelter, but then listens to the omega’s horror stories about the shelters in the area, and they decide against it
  • So the omega stays with the alpha, and the pups have fun running around the store/restaurant and generally being nuisances
  • The alpha doesn’t mind (much). They’re just happy the pups are comfortable and safe

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If I may, can I please request some headcannons of the chocobro's helping there s/o through something scary?

You may my lovely non 😊,


  • Prompto knows what fear is, more than any out of the group.
  • From his earlier years he knows helplessness, and from travelling with the guys he knows how to overcome fear
  • From this he knows exactly how you feel and how to help you through it
  • So while he comforts he also encourages
  • And he reassures you that it’s ok to be scared, natural in fact, and that even if you’re scared it doesn’t mean you can’t be brave too
  • He’ll comfort you by lightening the mood, making chatter and jokes if the situation allows
  • If you all have to be quiet then he’ll be a comforting presence at your side, sending reassuring smiles you way, even if he’s scared too.


  • Ever analytical, Ignis will make you see logic in the situation
  • To understand fear is the first step in overcoming it
  • But he’s not stern in this at all
  • His soothing tone sets you at ease in any hard times, as you know he’s there with you and for you
  • He’ll stay at your back, giving you reassurance that you’re doing well and you need to keep going
  • Occasionally his hand will ghost across your back, and just the touch makes everything a little bit better


  • Gladio takes the most active role against whatever is scaring you
  • And while he would do his best to take on whatever challenge or thing it was that is scaring you
  • He also knows you need to get over your fear if you can
  • And he does this by being there for you when you need him.
  • He sticks to your front, letting you know he’s your shield too and that he will take on whatever comes
  • His glances back are quick but often as he checks on you
  • His smile and wink are enough to take your mind off of things
  • And when you’ve got through the scary thing he makes sure you know you did well


  • Your fear fills Noct with nerves and he feels unsettled since you do
  • He stays by your side, almost holding your hand, but his fingers only skim by yours occasionally
  • He’s on high alert but tries to tone it down for your sake
  • The light touches between you both soothe one another
  • His fingers on the inside of your wrist are so tender that it takes you to another place far away from where you are now
  • He checks in with you often, a soft ‘hey how you holding up’ or ‘how you doing’ lets you know you’re not alone in this.

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hi there friendo i heard u were accepting requests for mm headcanons and i being the gay shit i am, i'm here to do a request. trans boi mc accidentally breaks his binder/stp and gets upsetti spaghetti but RFA + saran wrap get them a new one/comfort them!! soz this is weird i'm just a trans boy that needs someone w good writing skills to make my dreams of a trans boy come true tbh ok adios bye ademain oh yikes this was long

I’m sorry this took so long to post. I wanted to make your dreams come true so I pushed myself to finish this.

NOTE: I had done some research on the matter, and I was informed about the bandage thing. Wrapping bandages is NOT a permanent solution for binding if you’re going to and or thinking of doing it. I wrote it in the sense as a temporary solution for the problem but it is BAD to do on the regular. Like it just can fuck you up. Probably best to avoid using it as an option for binding. I just want people to be safe ^^. And thank you whoever brought it to my attention.


  • based on your texts, you weren’t having such a fantastic day
  • when you came home, he could tell you were tired and stressed
  • you said you were just going to go lay down for an hour so he just let you be
  • a while later he heard you shouting profanities in the other room
  • when he went to go check up on you, you were sitting on the bed with your head hung low and your fingers in your hair
  • looking at the ground, he noticed your broken binder
  • more like you’re only binder
    • never knew how much they cost and kind of understood having just one???
  • while you’re stewing in your own anger and sadness, you feel someone tap your shoulder
  • when you look up, this nugget brought a roll of bandages for you
  • “Let me help you wrap up. Is that okay?”
  • you have to help him a bit because his hands get tangled
    • those butterfingers
  • texts or calls throughout the day to make sure you’re doing okay
    • not just because you were upset but for the wrap
    • wants to make sure it’s still in good condition
  • wants to understand the process so he sits with you as you’re shopping for a new one
    • yeah wow they’re pretty damn expensive
    • but would rather you have more than one so you’re not in a BIND later wINK WONK 


  • it was just a normal morning for you
  • but the one thing you’ve been dreading happened
  • a few months ago you realized how shitty you’re binder has got over the year
  • you told yourself you would get a replacement but since your current one still did its job, you put it on the back burner
  • and then eventually forgot about it
  • which brings you back to now
  • as you were putting it on it just snapped 
  • you didn’t think it would have a great affect on you
  • but the anxiety started to settle in 
  • you couldn’t stand to look at yourself in the mirror
  • Jaehee realizes you’ve been in the bathroom for a while and asked if you were alright
  • “Yeah it’s just…let me come out?”
  • when you leave the bathroom, she sees the broken binder and your long face
  • this was the first time she was in this situation and wasn’t sure EXACTLY what to do
  • she just takes the binder and gives you a nice long hug
  • when you say you don’t want to leave the apartment, she doesn’t object
    • you seemed kind of shaken by this so she wanted to make sure you were comfortable
  • when she gets home she shows you the binders she ordered for you because she’s a perfect gelato


  • you were at school/work for a few hours when you started to get pain in your torso
  • it was beginning to become really painful so you snuck off into the bathroom to remove your binder for a bit before you had to head back
  • but as you were putting it back on, it snapped 
  • and with that, you snapped
  • after panicking for five minutes, you decide to call Zen
  • “Hey babe. You usually don’t call me around this time. Lucky for you I’m on break, how are you?”
  • before you even spoke, he could tell something was wrong
    • your heavy breathing could be heard from across the room for goodness sake
  • the moment you asked to come over and bring your spare binder, he darted right out of rehearsal
  • it gave you enough time to continue your panic attack before you heard someone come through the bathroom
  • thankfully it was Zen
  • you opened the stall with your hand out and as he was handing you the other binder, he asked if you were alright
  • you didn’t feel like you wanted to say anything so you closed the door once the binder was in your hands
  • Zen didn’t leave, he just waited for you to come out and once you did
  • he wiped any remaining tears away with his handkerchief
  • cleaned your face with some water then held you closely
  • doesn’t want to see his precious MC so upset! just wants you to feel better ^^


  • with this donut’s love to pamper you
  • among your matching tailored suits, you have some pretty good quality binders in your drawers
  • and you had to admit, they were good quality binders
  • but you would take those words back very soon
  • you were feeling kind of nauseous at work/school so you went to go take it off for a few minutes but it snapped as you were taking it off
  • now you were freaking out because you would have to walk out of the bathroom without one and the EYES TO JUDGE WOULD BE UPON YOU
  • after ralphing for a hot minute you get a call from Jumin
    • donut has really good sense of timing
  • you felt up to talking so you picked up the phone
  • “Hey Jumin, how’s Hong Kong?”
  • “Is everything alright?”
  • super Jumin was able to tell something was up with you
    • even could tell you just vomited?
  • you told him what was wrong
    • he starts writing down shit because he was going to sue the fucking company that made your binder
    • no matter how you insist not to, you know he’s going to do it anyways
  • calls Jaehee to go get you one of your other binders and bring it to you
  • while you’re waiting, he keeps you on the phone to calm you down
  • has you do some breathing exercises and gives you positive affirmations
  • once you were calm you talk about his trip for a bit until you hear Jaehee’s voice


  • you worked really hard on the RFA party on the vineyard tomorrow
  • and you laid out your outfit for the occasion
    • figured you could just wear your only binder no big deal
  • then as you were getting ready for bed, Seven is lying in bed while on his phone when he hears a snap from the bathroom
  • “MC?”
  • when you don’t respond, he gets out of bed to check up on you
  • he sees you sitting on the bathroom tiles with your broken binder in your hands
  • “The RFA party is tomorrow…”
  • oh god
  • “And this is my only binder…”
  • insert mini freak out
  • before you could escalate, he sits down with you and keeps an arm around your shoulder
  • calms you down with those kind words of his
  • jellybean doesn’t want you uber stressed out or get worried over spilled milk
  • brings you to bed and makes sure you fall asleep first before he did
  • when the big day comes around, he get a bunch of bandages to wrap you up
    • kind of gets carried away when he helps wraps you
  • during the party comes around to you when you were free to make sure you’re doing ok


  • Saeran was just chilling on his bed while listening to some tunes
  • not a care in the world
  • he could have sworn he had heard something earlier but didn’t pay too much mind to it
  • when he heard something again, he took out one of his earbuds
  • turns out you were calling for him this entire time
  • didn’t even know you were here O_O
    • you were soaking wet from the rain and you wanted to be somewhere dry and warm
    • which is why you decided to stop by your boo’s place for some clothes
  • jumps out of bed and rushes to you in the bathroom to find your broken binder on the floor
  • oh shit
  • you weren’t looking too good either
  • pulls you out of the bathroom and to his room
  • gives you some of his clothes 
    • gumdrop gives you privacy as you’re changing
  • when you’re fully clothed, he has you lay down next to him while listening to some music
  • doesn’t really say anything but you felt a lot better having him there to get your mind off of it
  • it was okay since you were wearing mostly all day, it was nice to let your body breathe for a bit 

LWA Headcanon: years later Diana visits Akko in Tokyo where Akko has been living on her own continuing her learning of magic and putting on small shows.

The two go out for dinner and Akko introduces Diana to sake

The next morning the two are cuddled up in Akko’s bed. Diana wakes up first, gives Akko a kiss and sees her phone has lit with messages from their friends. To her horror a video of the two at a karaoke bar singing “Do You Believe in Magic?” by The Lovin’ Spoons

“Wake up, wake up, wake up,” says Diana poking Akko.

Akko yawns and wakes up. “What is it?” Diana shows her the video. Akko falls back on the bed laughing. “That’s great. I have to send my parents that!”

“You will not! We’re taking the train out to see them and I don’t want their first impression of me is me drunk in some discotheque!”

Akko pulls on her night shirt. “Seems fitting. That’s how my folks met.” Diana sighs and rubs her head. Akko gives her a kiss. “I’ll make some tea.” Diana rubs her face as Akko walks into the kitchen. “Next time I have to see if I can get you to sing the Magic Dance from Labyrinth with me,” says Akko putting the kettle on.

“There won’t be a next time,” says Diana sitting.

Akko points at her. “You remind of the babe.”


“The babe with the power.” Diana pinches her nose. “Akko.”

“The power of voodoo. Voodoo? You do? Do what? Remind me of the babe!”

“Akko I’m hungover.”

Diana is startled as Akko jumps on the bed cupping her own face singing, “What kind of spell to use? And baby said…”

Diana responds by take a swing at her with a pillow. Akko avoids it, leaps off the bed and starts dancing.

“Dance magic dance! Dance magic dance! Jump magic jump!” Akko looks at Diana and sees that’s she trying to hold in her laughter. Akko smiles and heads back into the kitchen to start making breakfast.

Diana chuckles and rests back on the bed. She softly starts singing “Every Little She Does Is Magic.”

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the v1 cryptonloids for the tumblr ask meme???

I already did the twins and Luka, so I’ll do the rest!


Their blog URL: princess-hatsunegi01

The kind of posts they’d reblog: the Kagamines’ posts, Luka’s posts, Kaito’s posts, Yuuma’s posts, music/audio posts, green/teal aesthetics, video games (especially Sonic), robotics (with her commentating on people’s facts, being a robot), fanart so she can compliment it, musical instruments/digital interfaces, cat pictures, memes, really bizarre aesthetics/shitposts/quotes, astrology

The first person they followed: Len

What kind of theme they’d have: streamlined, organized, but cutesy, with lots of black, cyan and pink, and little pixel art versions of herself

What kind of text posts they make at 2am: “why DO we not short out when we drink water”


Their blog URL: dont-touch-my-sake

The kind of posts they’d reblog: Kaito and Rin’s posts to snark at them, the others’ posts, scientific posts, fanart of Miku, text posts asserting her ability to punch you in the face, fashion

The first person they followed: Kaito

What kind of theme they’d have: A default theme just colored red

What kind of text posts they make at 2am: “@ rodarorin go the fuck to sleep”


Their blog URL: aisu-is-naisu

The kind of posts they’d reblog: any and all of Meiko’s posts, the kids’ posts, ice cream, men’s fashion, ice cream, scientific posts, robotics, music/audio posts, ice cream, funny cat videos, uplifting quotes, ice cream, Studio Ghibli films, blue aesthetics, orchestral arrangements of video game music, and ice cream

The first person they followed: Meiko

What kind of theme they’d have: Fun, blue-colored theme with cool arrows on the sidebars/post borders (like the ones on his coat)

What kind of text posts they’d make at 2am: “Mei-chan just caught me sneaking into the fridge and now I’m lab-grounded”

Okay so because of my amazing rp w @mostladylikeladythateverladied where Chuuya leaves the Port Mafia and joins the ADA I’ve been thinking a lot about something lately and the idea of Ranpo, Yosano and Chuuya being a #squad is really really important to me like just take a moment to consider

  • A gay, a bi, and a lesbian walk into a bar
  • The gay is the only one there who isn’t drinking alcohol. He’s drinking ramune, as per usual, because what else would he drink. In hindsight this is probably not the best idea because the gay is also the only person in the group who cannot drive or navigate a train station
  • The bi and the lesbian are totally drinking buddies and appreciate the same brands of wine and sake
  • The bi likes to brag about his collection of vintages and casually mentions that he wouldn’t mind opening a bottle with the lesbian sometime
  • Fortunately for the trio, the lesbian is not a lightweight, unlike the bi, so even if she cant drive she can at least get all of them on a train and get them all back home safely
  • The three of them spoil Kyouka rotten, probably. Kyouka is their baby girl. Yosano takes her shopping, Chuuya makes clothes for her and braids her hair and does her makeup with her. Ranpo buys candy and soda for her and they just genuinely entertain each other because in all honesty they both have the same mental age
  • Speaking of shopping though, Chuuya and Yosano are definitely shopping buddies and they also get manicures together and get their hair done together and they gossip the whole time. Sometimes they drag Ranpo along just because he needs to stop cooping himself up in the office all day
  • Ranpo loves Chuuya because Chuuya is a well of information for him. Chuuya isn’t as secretive about his past as Dazai is and doesn’t have the same kind of PTSD that Kyouka does, so Ranpo can ask Chuuya about crime from a criminal’s perspective and get the detailed answers that he’s always wanted. The two of them can talk for hours without getting bored of each other. Chuuya is very fascinated by the way that Ranpo’s head works. They’re both intrigued by one another so they get along well together
  • The three of them gossip over coffee together, about their daily lives but also about things that they’ve seen or heard around the office. They also give each other advice on their love lives and vent to each other about their respective significant others
  • whispers i’m partial to soukoku, ranpoe and kousano but ya know
  • They’re just best buds man aint nobody can mess with that motherfuckin clique 

little kabby things I think about a lot:

  • Marcus wanting to kiss Abby all the time, like really really wanting to, his mind constantly wandering to what it would be like to just lean down, take her face in his hands and kiss her senseless
  • Abby really liking Marcus’ voice, and realising that him speaking Trigedasleng is pretty much the sexiest thing ever and that she can never ever admit this to him because he will definately use it against her
  • Marcus having a Thing for Abby’s hair, fantasising about running his hands through it, imagining it loose and tumbling over her bare shoulders
  • N E C K  K I S S E S
  • Abby getting a little turned on any time Marcus calls her ‘Chancellor’  (it makes no sense, since plenty of other people use the title on a daily basis, and yet for some reason…)
  • Marcus getting a little turned on every time Abby calls him ‘Kane’ (it makes no sense, since pretty much everyone else calls him by his last name all the time, and yet for some reason…)
  • both of them getting really a little turned on every time they argue
  • Marcus finding out about Indra holding a knife to Abby’s throat when she went to meet her for the first time, and how that whole conversation went
  • Abby finding out about Marcus trying to sacrifice himself when he was locked in a grounder call with Jaha, and how that whole conversation went
  • Marcus kissing the scars on Abby’s back from the shock-lashing
  • Abby kissing the scars on Marcus’ wrists from his crucifixtion
  • Marcus being the only person who actually takes care of Abby, making sure she gets enough sleep and food, calling her out on her bullshit, noticing when she’s upset and trying not to show it, Marcus looking out for Abby because she’s always so busy looking out for everyone else
  • Abby being the only person who actually understands Marcus, realising how much things like the culling and the loss of the election to Pike haunt him, seeing him as a person rather than just a leader, Abby risking herself for him and worrying about him because he’s always so busy trying to sacrifice himself for everybody else’s sake
  • the two of them missing each other desperately when they’re seperated, wondering what the other is doing, whether they’re safe
  • the two of them curled up together in bed, waking up in each others arms, not having to be alone anymore
  • Marcus Kane
  • Abby Griffin
  • just…being in love with each other
Suzy’s Surname

okay so, while i made a joke about suzy’s secret earlier, i actually do have a genuine theory here (and idk if anyone’s gotten to it first but here goes anyway): suzy is intentionally keeping her surname a secret (possibly due to a relation to a teacher? idk)

i’m gonna keep the body of this below a cut, for convenience’s sake

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What I Want From OUAT’s 5B:

  • Liam coming back to Storybrooke with Killian
  • A reunion between Killian and Milah that does not detract from their love story
  • A reunion between Rumple and Milah that does not detract from the fact that he murdered her because she left him (as was her right as a human being)
  • Emma getting closure with Graham
  • Mary Margaret and David focusing on their daughter
  • Mary Margaret and David acknowledging that Killian needs to be saved for his own sake
  • The end (one way or another) of the custody issues over Baby Hood
  • The longest Captain Swan kiss on record

What I Need From OUAT’s 5B:

  • A Captain Swan hug (a really long one)
  • Another Captain Swan hug (or, you know, twelve)
  • Killian and Emma going home to begin that future together